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Father, a most handsome Bengal, fell in love with Mother, a beauty with no ascertained Royal blood, so I am now the grandfather of 5 gorgeous half-Bengals.

I feed Mother and Father, and now the kittens, as they are fully weaned, mainly with human food, particularly deli turkey and chicken, tuna as well, from Waitrose and Sainsbury’s (a cat that I had before years and had this kind of treatment died 24-year-old). I actually spend more money for them than for myself, but, thanks god, they do not drink:)

I will keep them for 14 weeks (i.e., nearly 3 weeks to go). If my heart allows me, I will have to give them for £300 each (not because I want to make a profit; I want their new parents to be decent people). But only to non-smokers and people that will care for them; certainly not people that would feed them with the cheapest “value” food.

The kittens use the litter and soon will be comprehensively vaccinated.

You may see Mother’s and Father’s pictures, just ask me (the characteristic for Bengals “M” on dad’s forehead is most obvious).

You may write to me or call me, if you need any further information.

Thank you

Additional Information

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Private Advert
mix (Father is Bengal)
Mixed Litter
Current Age
7 months
Ready to Leave
at 14 weeks
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Mother and Father
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