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The Rox Blånitrong special edition a pair of classic two way standmount loudspeakers offering bass such as Spendor, Celestion, KEf etc (Long throw), with special for this unit clear mid heights and crystal clear yet smooth treble. The system should be placed on stands, below horizon. Speakers sound vintage and excel with valve amplification in particular, advantage of closed box is precise bass, low frequencies are a joy and will surprise. High and middle frequencies are gentle and will never cause listening fatigue, overall sonically polite but will let you know about their presence when needed, voices are clear and gentle.
It is best to experiment with these speakers; try stand-mount [recommended], shelf (some strong one), or on the floor[not recommended].
Model Enclosure Type; Two way closed
Recommended Amp Output Power; [W] 10-100 [SS] 6-24 [Tube]
Nominal Impedance; [Ohm] 6 Choose 4 for best results with valves
Frequency range; [Hz] 55-16000
Recommended for listening room; [sqm] 15-20
Colour; Hammered metallic navy/mat navy fascias
Height x Width x Depth; [mm] 480 x 250 x 240
Weight; [kg] 8

Fitted with superior cone tweeter for extra sweetness;
replaced rear connections with heavy duty knurled screws that will accept bare wires;
will also accept two pin din plugs which are self cleaning if preferred;
Refurbished acrylic mat navy facias;
Refurbished with metal hammered navy paint;
Refurbished with mat black acrylic bass and rears;
Rank bass/mid drivers;
grills available if you are determined to fit, but none are sonically transparent; best used for transit and then taken off to listen.

Tested with a £1000 turntable, fitted with a £80 cartridge and £800 worth of valve amplification, they sounded truly breathtaking. Now we know not everyone will be prepared to do that, but it did illustrate the very high sonic ceiling of these monitors
These speakers are capable of true Hi-Fi; they sound as good as what ever you connect them too they are in good working condition, with cosmetic improvements that did nothing to harm the sound quality.

This is the only pair of this model in existence;
own something truly unique!!!

Due to past experience we have learned to only sell to countries we only want to;
so please note that we do not sell to the following foreign countries:- Scotland, Ireland, Australia, France. Nous n'envoyons pas de produits en France. Chan eil sinn agaibh a chur ris gus na h-Alba. We also make no apologies for delays to the following countries; Argentina, Armenia, Belarus, Brazil, Bulgaria, Chile, Colombia, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Ecuador, Estonia, Greece, Israel, Hungary, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Mexico, Peru, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa, Sri Lanka,
Turkey, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, Zambia.
Countries that are more than welcome to buy from us include England, Wales, Germany, Sweden, Finland, Norway, America, Holland, Spain, Portugal, Slovenia, Russia, Belgium, Denmark, Turkey, Greece, Croatia, Slovenia, Slovakia, Czech Rep, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Latvia, Estonia, Ukraine, and some where postal systems are slow as long as they are patient, please ask before ordering if you are in any other country.

Delivery to England and Wales £18:00
Dispatch period 1-3 working days from payment
Delivery period is in the hands of the courier

Customer can of course collect from a secure outbuilding once paypal payment is received
For an accurate P&P quote please supply your postcode.
Foreign countries please ask about P&P (surface mail)
we deliver to:- message to see if we can get it to you
due to past experience we have learned to only sell to countries we only want to; so please note that we do not sell to:- france, Scotch, Ireland, Australia
countries that are more than welcome to buy from us include England, Wales, Germany, Scandinavia, America, Holland, Spain,
Regardless of what ebay states, if your location is miles further away then it will cost more to send with the courier company.
. If in doubt, please ask us before you make the purchase.
We accept PayPal only.
If paying by Paypal, we can only send to the address shown on your PayPal account. So please ensure that the ship-to address is identical to your paypal address.
If your PayPal has a Unconfirmed address will cause delays so please ensure that that this is confirmed.

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