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please only message if you are genuinely intersted , not a novice amd ideally over 21 years old Considering loaning my Irish sports horse gelding he’s a large horse at 16.2
and is currently out of work and has been since last year. Previously he has jumped and evented etc. He is a very very strong ride at times but does soften with daily work ( dressage in a snaffle when in full work). He is a very quirky and cheeky character that can pull some very odd faces! He is actually very affectionate though!
He’s not a horse that you can guarantee will not throw a buck or a rear due to his nature and the fact he’s been out of work for the past year. He has reared in the past over pace control issues or to test a rider and the best way to overcome it with him is to ignore it and push him on. However he has always been good hacking in the past but may just been green / spooky and excitable as it’s been so long- an older calm horse to get back into it with would work well for him!
Currently unshod but if he was working again I think he would require front shoes for full work/ roadwork.
Would consider him being a companion on another yard ( he’s a bossy nature but is currently sharing with two small mates happily) or for a very confident and capable rider to start bringing him back into work and would need the necessary teeth/ back etc and insurance to be sorted by the rider/loaner.
With him being a larger heavier built horse he has a roar when in heavy work, it can be heard when he's galloping endlessly around the field with the others.
He has been severely mistreated in the past and does enjoy a 1 to 1 relationship. He is slightly higher on his right hind where he was beaten. Out of work it doesn’t bother him and it doesn’t in work if he sees the back lady biannually - he was still beautiful in his dressage and enjoyed clearing my 5foot fence ha!
He used to jump 1 m courses happily and higher with another rider. Schooling happily at novice.
Where he is kept is a family farm with a school and fields to hack around and another rider for company.
He will take some work to get back into work but he’s a fun and rewarding project that will make you feel like you’ve really achieved something :)
Happy to look at full or part loan.

There’s lots more about him and lots of pictures so message if interested :)

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163 hh
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13 years