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****I have updated the pictures and now have 6 boys available 4 that are 12 weeks and two that are 9 months old. The 4 that are 12 weeks old 3 are dumbo Siamese and one top eared black and white. The two that are 9 months old are grey and white and with dark red eyes so look more black. All are friendly and lick you and love being out the cage.

I have 7 girls available also 4 that are 12 weeks old 2 dumbo Siamese one dumbo black and white Rex and one black and white top eared. The other 3 girls are 11 months old and one is a grey and white Rex top eared. The other is a black and white dumbo and the other one is a dumbo Siamese. They are all happy to come out and be handled but girls do prefer to wander than cuddle like boys do. ****

Have 4 girls left and 8 boys. All boys are white with dumbo ears and different coloured Siamese markings.
Girls are the same except for one black and white girl. ****
have for sale some very beautiful baby rats. Some are almost 4 weeks old the others are 3 weeks old so not ready to go until 6 weeks old.
I have some top eared and dumbo some Rex and smooth coat. Super friendly and very inquisitive. Will only sell in pairs or above as they are such social animals and love to have company.
They are £10 each but will reduce price is having 3 or more.
Please text as its difficult to always answer phone calls.
They will not be ready to be rehomed until they are 6 weeks old.

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