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Gorgeous little pooch is one of four siblings. Theres Febe, Flo, Fara and Fiona............... All around 5-7kgs. So only small. Ok these dogs were all saved from a hoarding situation. A hoarder had them all, a huge number of dogs all in one house and he died. The neighbours killed some of the dogs when he died and some were taken by the dog kill shelter, but a lovely rescuer saved as many as she could and now they have been in her care some 5 months plus, they are all health checked, blood tested, neutered and spayed, vaccinated twice for all disease, rabies vaccinated and 4 d tested, and all now have a full clean bill of health and are ready for homes. Ok these dogs are super active, super giddy, super exciteable and super friendly. They nibble and bite with excitement, not out of aggression but they all need work to make them house friendly. They are currently living in pension in the balkans and they will need very kind, very patient, very tolerant families who are prepared to put in the work to make them house trained and more sociable than they are. At the moment they dont have any boundries, so tough love is needed to instill those firm boundries, and if you are not prepared to put in the work, these are rescue dogs,, then please dont apply. All the dogs are young, but all very very happy giddy little girls with big personalities. Great with children, (but bear in mind they nibble when exciteable so if you have tiny children theres every chance you wont be suitable as they could nibble your tiny children). Purely out of excitement. They are such happy go lucky little girls who just need firm training to be perfect little house buddies. They get on really great with other dogs, no issues there, and are fine with children. Not cat tested and impossible to cat test them Im afraid, they're just too giddy for that. Darling little fluffies, all siblings but all a little different in nature and colour.

You can find us on facebook, under Wags N Wet Noses Dog Rescue, Please get in touch with us to find out more about Flo.
Adoption is subject to the adoption fee of £299 plus a home check first.
If you feel you are the right family for Flo please contact us.
We would love to hear from you

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