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These two classic cars come with their paperwork, obviously. My husband is selling TWO classic Jensen Healeys with numerous spares INCLUDING several CARBURETORS and GEARBOXES, with TWO HARD TOPS, preferably as a job lot.
In his own words:
These are not turn key cars, they will need further recommissioning and restoration.
Both classic cars are MK II's.
1st registered September 73 and February 75.
A set of brand new unused tyres on the 73 , plus a new unused set of 4 tyres.
1973 JENSEN:
5 speed gearbox
A set of unused tyres.
I have replaced the floors, wing and whole rear section and was in the process of converting the interior to the GT style dash etc.
sections powder coated and poly-bushed.
no front windscreen. I bought a brand new one from a manufacturer in Coventry for £85 in 2006 .. but it got broken on moving house!
has a custom exhaust from the Healey Preservation Society in the USA.
Also, with the spares are two rear wings and one front wing and bonnet (all fibreglass) and one rust free (steel) nearside door.
affectionally called JET or Jet Jensen because of its registration plate:
4 speed gearbox
I bought this from a chap in Derbyshire after a full restoration. I have a photo album showing the restoration history while with this keeper.
Richard Appleyard serviced and helped out with this 75 model.
This will be the easiest car to get up together will be the later one. I took this off the road in 2012 (having used it on a daily basis) as the gearbox failed to select 1st gear. Replacement will be straight forward; I have done one on my own, but it would be easier for two people.
In addition to the TWO cars there are a host of spares:
3 engine blocks
several carbs whole and otherwise: DHLA 40s, 45s and one set of very good 48s
2 or 3 (4 speed) gearboxes
Two hard tops
Various switchgear and badges.
Chrome-work. Bumpers front and rear.
Set of wire wheels with knock offs and unused adapters. Nuts, bolts, coils etc.
two rear wings and one front wing and bonnet (all fibreglass) and one rust free (steel) nearside door.
Some spares are new others are not and will need refurb.
I think a couple of re cored large vane radiators.
The 73 model has the 5 speed box, the rest are the 4 speed.
A bundle of magazines and literature from USA and the UK.
CD engine manual.
I am not a purist , so some mods are ... what they are. I am sure there is more but I guess you may get an impression from this brief description.

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Healey Mk II
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2000 cc
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