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Here at Tesoro Nero, we can provide you with an up-cycled baby grand piano at an absolutely incredible price. We take a second hand baby grand piano which are typically around 30-50 years old (which in piano terms is not very old). We choose our pianos carefully and make sure there is no cracks in the soundboard and that they are all over strung pianos.
We then coat the piano in a special gloss material to give it that great aesthetic modern look. We then give it a good tune and have a good look over the action to make sure it plays well. Please note, this is not a full refurbishment, which would require considerably more investment, meaning we could not offer them for such a great price.
These pianos are perfect for beginners and most of our customers buy these pianos for their children for them to learn on, whilst also looking incredible in the house. Please note these pianos are up-cycled to order and the typical delivery time is within 4-6 weeks.
If you are interested in these pianos then please do get in touch

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