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I have 3 white runner drakes left. Just over 2 months old so pretty much full size! They are exceptionally tame. Two are white/lavender crosses but the only thing that makes them different from the other two pure whites is their pinkish bills. All of them have completely white feathers.

I highly recommend a males (drakes) as pets due to their numerous advantages over females! The only disadvantage is that they don't lay eggs (although personally I only eat my chickens' eggs as I find duck eggs too rich).

The advantages of keeping male ducks are:
1. they are much quieter (incapable of making a loud noise).
2. males strut around and patrol their territory compared to females who generally have their heads down foraging for food (which they need a lot of to make eggs)
3. males eat far less so are cheaper to maintain
4. male plumage is much more showy than females and they generally keep themselves looking in top condition
5. Two males kept together will almost always get on really well, compared to females who are much more grumpy, especially if there isn't a male around.

My ducks are all tame enough to eat from my hand, come when I call and most can be picked up without too much fuss. I'm training them to do all sorts of tricks and they are definitely the smartest group of ducklings I've ever had. Not surprising as the parent ducks were specially selected for their intelligence!

Priced at £50 for the trio due to their exceptional tameness and amazing good looks!

Please note that I will check with any potential buyers about what food, housing and exercise areas they have prepared and for the well being of the ducklings I will only sell to people who sound like they know what they're doing!
Collection only from Kirkby-in-Ashfield, Nottinghamshire.

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Indian Runner Duck
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3 months