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Baby rats for sale, these come from amazing temperament, health and genetics lines. I can provide you with pedigree information to show my diverse lines with no interbreeding. Parents are also welcome to be viewed as I can’t send pictures and photos of them x

Before they leave they will go through a health check to ensure they are ready for their new home, this includes temperament testing. If the show any signs of illness or aggression during they will not be sold and will stay will me however this is uncommon due to well bred lines. They are also given ivermectin before leaving, this is medication that is used to prevent mites and fleas.

My rats are kept on “BEDMAX” which is a horse substrate that has dust extracted, this is suitable for rats unlike a lot of other substrates due to the amount of dust in them. The dust in bedding like sawdust will cause rats to become ill with a uri which is a type of respiratory infection.

Mum rats and babies are given a diet of home mixed rat food, vegetables and fruits. They are also gives dog kibble, mealworms, chicken and scrambled egg for extra protein which is needed for mum to lactate fully and babies to grow strong and healthy.

They are handled daily by adults and children and are very tame unlike pet shop rats due to the temperament being bred into them and being use to human contact. They are also housed in large cages like critter nations.

My lines are Russian blue, martens, Siamese,Rex and double Rex.

These rats are bred to have good genetics which prevents them getting common illnesses that pet shop rats get like tumors, respiratory issue which is most likely to increase their life expectancy.

They must go in pairs as rats are very social animals and will become depressed and a human close companionship will not come close to the companionship they will share a rat friend. If you keep a single rat alone, it’s very unfair on the animal and doesn’t consider their welfare which is why I will never sell alone so please don’t ask. Alone rats can become depressed, self mutilate, becomes aggressive and get get a illnesses due to stress which left untreated could end their life.

If you would like anymore information please message me!
Standards £10
Blue and Siamese (standard) £15
dumbos £20

I will answer any questions anyone has
kind regards

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