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**STILL AVAILABLE - 12/11/2018**
I’m putting out feelers to see if anyone would be interested in loaning my gorgeous gelding. I understand as well, it’s coming out of summer, but this horse will still give you as much fun as it gets a little colder. This is not a decision I’ve made lightly and will only want the best for him, so all homes will be vetted, and a contract will be drawn up. I would like him to stay in the Herts, Beds, Cambs, (South East) so I can come up and see him and someone over the age of 18. I’d like him to go to someone that could continue his education with flatwork and jumping, although flat is preferred.
I’ve listed a few things about Trio, so apologies if you get neck ache reading it lol.
Trio is now 9 and I've had him since a 4 year old and backed/produced him myself. It's been a slow journey as when I got him, he wasn't quite mentally ready to learn and therefore was left until 5 to continue his education. Within this time, he's done a fair few sponsored rides, dressage competitions and beach rides. I’ve never taken him out to compete show jumping as this is not my thing and not what I’d bought him for, so he is extremely green in this area. He lunges well and has been in a pessoa, side reins ect. I used to have a round pen at a yard previously and can lunge him without the use of anything, so really does go off your voice commands. This has helped within riding as I can ask for canter ect and he’ll pick it up. I’ve ridden him in both indoor and outdoor schools, he does much prefer the outdoor to an indoor as can be a little spooky.
Hacking - He’ll hack out alone and in company. Goes first or last and although can be unsure of meeting new objects out on the road, he will go past them. He’ll also lead more nervous horses past it. Good with traffic, including cyclists. He’s never bolted or reared with me, has on the odd occasion bucked but they’re very small and it was when we were in a large group hacking and about to canter if held back. He loves to be groomed, will stand there all day. Very good with the farrier, especially good with a dentist however there is 1 dentist I will only allow to have Trio done by and that’s Charlotte Stephens. She’s qualified with BAEDT and been doing Trio since I got him. He did have quite sharp teeth and now they’re pretty much perfect, if you could get that far. So I would like to continue this. She does cover the areas that I’d like Trio to stay in.
Clipping - *UPDATE - I'm now able to clip half a head without the use of sedation, using cordless men's barber clippers. I've still not tried his legs but will do so soon* He’s not that great to clip. He’ll allow you to clip his body but not his head or legs with mains heavy clippers. If you wish to clip that part of him, I’d prefer him to be sedated by the vet as he can get very nervous.
Travelling/Loading – He’s not exactly great at loading and this is me being totally honest as I’d hate for someone to be given the wrong impression. He will go on eventually but never goes on straight away. I’ve always travelled him in either a trailer or a 3.5t. He much prefers a trailer and when coming back out again I’ve always backed him off as oppose to going out the front ramp. This is only because a few times I’ve done this, and he jumps out. I believe it’s because the partition touches his sides on exit and he’s just not quite keen on it. So for ease, I just back him off, much safer and less anxiety for him too. We’re not competing as much as we used to for this last year due to other things but when we were, loading wasn’t much of an issue. He’d just go on but the less we go out, the worse it got. So if you do have access to a trailer or a box, practice is key and you’ll find that loading him will be a thing of the past. Once he’s loaded, he travels well, you don’t hear much from him at all. He’ll travel well with another horse too.
Field - Trio is living out at the moment and is doing really well. He’s been in mixed herds, on his own and just with geldings too. He get’s on with all horses. My preference now is for him to be in a field on his own, less risk of injuries or if he is to be in a field with another, max of just 1. He’s great to catch, 90% of the time he comes to call. I can put on rugs and pick out feet without his head collar on in the middle of the field. I can even worm him without the use of any headcollar. He’ll follow you around the field, help to poo pick, sometimes.
He’s competing at Prelim level, with a lovely walk, trot and canter. He does have big movement for a little guy, so his canter can feel like it’s running but it’s just where he does have a big shoulder and a little unbalanced at times. It takes a little getting used to, but you really do have to ride with your seat, open your hips (sounding a bit odd now lol) and push with your lower leg. He does try his little heart out bless him. When out competing, he’s never silly. Comes off out the trailer/box, ready to go and will settle and start riding straight away. He doesn’t call or start playing up. In fact, he probably works harder out than at home lol. We qualified for The Sunshine Tour this year and came 10th out of a respectable class of 28. I always have fun riding Trio and with him being such an affectionate horse, this decision is something I’ve not taken lightly.
Apologies for the long-winded message, I could go on for ages about him. I’ve added his quirks in most things. The reason behind wanting someone a bit older for him, is because he’s still young for his age and would like someone who can still educate him further. If there’s anything else you’d like to know, just ask ??

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