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Did you know that re-homing charities are swamped with over 60,000 unwanted rabbits that are dumped each year?

There are thousands of adverts on the internet from people whose children have suddenly become "allergic" to the rabbit that they have only just bought and don't want anymore.

The real reason is that Rabbits do NOT generally make good pets for children (however sweet they look) - they can scratch and kick and bite and do not usually like being handled.They produce a LOT of poo and need to be cleaned out at least every other day NOT just once a week. Anyone know of a child that likes cleaning out rabbit hutches? No, I thought not.

They are expensive and a lot of work to look after properly!

If you go on holiday, you will have to find somebody to look after them - you can't leave them on their own for more than a day.

Most people don't realise that a rabbit is a major commitment in both money and time and they can live to over ten years.Sadly, many rabbits die before the age of 5 from all sorts of medical problems resulting from poor care and incorrect diet.

Did you know that:

Over 80% of female rabbits suffer from cancer of the uterus if not neutered.

Rabbits really should have company of their own kind - preferably of the opposite sex and they must be neutered or they will fight! Two rabbits kept together of the same sex unneutered is asking for trouble!

Flystrike is a major problem for rabbits and they can die an agonizing death from this. Overweight rabbits who can't clean themselves properly kept in tiny dirty cages will almost certainly attract flies who will lay eggs on the fur which then develop into maggots that burrow into the flesh and eat the rabbit alive. Not a nice way to die!

Vets bills can be very high - they need vaccinating each year and can suffer from a multitude of health problems - particularly overgrown teeth and abscesses, sore hocks, mites (including ear mites) respiratory and gut problems.

They need a lot of space and not just a tiny hutch. A 3' hutch is not nearly big enough! Rabbits need to move - the same as a cat or dog does!

They need to be fed 80% good quality hay, a handful of veg (not too much fruit) and a small single handful of complete food.

So before you line the pocket of that "hobby" breeder who churns out baby rabbits at £15 a go, (and probably keeps the parents in breeder hutches - 45cm x 56cm approx) please think hard before you decide and if you really want a PAIR of rabbits, visit a re-homing charity - there are thousands to choose from!

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