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About this bundle deal.
This whole kit fits inside its own (adjusted) travel carry case and is intended for GoPro Hero4 cameras that need buttery smooth footage, reduced crackly wind noises and a filter lens for extra colour depth in their videos or photos. The case also harbours extra batteries for both the Gimbal and the GoPro Hero4, letting you record for longer yet keeping everything protected, compact and easy to travel with.

Whats in the bundle.
- Feiyu G4S Gimbal, 2x rechargeable batteries, batteries charger, USB cable and customised carry case (customised to accommodate GoPro Dual charger and ND 8 Filter lens case) and English instruction? (worth £200)
- 2x extra rechargeable batteries for Feiyu G4S Gimbal (worth £20)
- Feiyu G4S Wireless remote and mini USB receiver (worth £25)
- Dual charger, USB charge cable and two rechargeable batteries for GoPro Hero4 (worth £75)
- BlurFix Air ND8/CP filter lens for GoPro Hero3/4 and protective screw-top lens case (worth £30)
- 2x handmade ‘wind sock’ with view panel for the GoPro Hero3/4 (free)

Total worth £350

WARNING: This bundle DOES NOT include a GoPro Hero4 camera shown in photos. The Feiyu Gimbal has been used, expect a little wear and tear. Still functions as usual. I have customised the carry case to carry couple more items intended for a GoPro Hero4, detailed below. There is a Youtube video made by Feiyu Tech that introduces the same model. Simply search for ‘INTRODUCING THE NEW G4S | Feiyu Tech’ within Youtube.

About the Feiyu G4S Gimbal.
It pans, tilts, rolls giving you 360 degrees coverage and gets you super smooth footage. I specifically chose this model because of the quick release clip, the streamlined single button control scheme, the easy to use a 4-directional joystick to assist camera movement, the direct access to GoPro’s storage data and battery through the Gimbal and the fantastic compact carry case. The Feiyu G4S Gimbal is a delightfully fun companion for the GoPro Hero3/4.

About Feiyu G4S Wireless Remote.
The wireless remote connects to the Gimbal via a mini USB receiver that attaches to the Gimbal itself. It would give you access to all the Gimbal’s Joystick and button functions at a distance, also when the remote connects it will conveniently disable the joystick and button on the Gimbal. Another advantage of the wireless remote is reduced button clicking noises that travel through the Gimbal to the attached GoPro.

About Dual Charger for GoPro Hero4.
This official GoPro Dual battery charger comes with two official GoPro Hero4 rechargeable batteries and official GoPro USB charge cable. As you’ll use the third battery (assuming your own GoPro has its own battery) you’ll always have two back up batteries and be able to recharge them too (For example, you carry a battery bank and recharge the batteries while they sit in your backpack).

About the extra Gimbal rechargeable batteries.
If the GoPro has extra batteries, it makes sense for the Gimbal to have extra’s too (and just like the GoPro backup batteries, you carry a battery bank and recharge the batteries while they sit in your backpack).

About BlurFix Air ND8/CP filter lens.
The BlurFix Air Neutral Density 8 / Circular Polariser by SRP (Snake River Prototyping) is a filter that removes porp blur or rolling shutter effects as well as unwanted reflections. Admittedly it’s a slightly over-the-top Circular Polariser but I chose this for its premium quality and extremely lightweight build, it simply slips over the lens body of a GoPro Hero4 and weighing only 7.6 g (0.27 oz), the BlurFix Air is intended for ultra-lightweight camera platforms (i.e drones, weight sensitive gimbals). The filter comes with an optional o-ring that can be installed for a snug fit, a microfiber cleaning patch and the lens can be stored in a strong screw-top case lined with protective foam.

About the ‘wind socks’.
When there is even a tiny little waft of wind, the GoPro camera will pick up terrible crackly wind noises in its sound recording. I searched for reasonable solutions but only found a foam cover that can be easily damaged and torn overuse. So I opted to D.I.Y my own longer lasting version with some free aeroplane socks (I’ve never used) and Included transparent viewing panels (so you can see what is being captured). It may not reduce wind noise from super windy conditions but it will at least remove wind crackle from drafts and light breezes outdoor. I found the first one useful enough to make a spare (it is not my best sewing skills but it does the job)

About the case.
The case is small and compact, lined with plenty of protective foam and has been customised to accommodate a lens filter, extra batteries and chargers for a GoPro Hero4 and the Gimbal. Loose items such as the wind socks, cables and wireless remote fit nicely in the zip pocket on the lid. I’ve even lined the base of the case with leftover foam for extra protection.

Pick up and pay-in-cash preferable (my apologies, I can't drive). Happy to send through the post but postage fees of £8.60 must be considered on top of final price (Royal Mail Special Delivery with a cover of goods). I will also provide tracking details. I do accept PayPal payments but I will include up to £8 to final price to cover PayPal fees (it is usually 3.4% of final price + 20p).

Package size and weight 
23 x 18 x 7.5 cm 
930 grams 

Happy to answer any question.

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