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i currently have for sale a selection of fancy mice and ASF (multimammate) available in both sexes and different ages
the fancy mice are available in several different coat types including:
texel, angora,standard, satin, satin texel and satin angora
these are available in a multitude of colours (too many to list or include in pictures) so if looking for anything specific feel free to message as more than happy to send pics of all available
all ASF and fancy mice does must be kept in same sex pairs or group and will only be rehomed as such unless proof is given that u have an existing mouse/group to add to.
male fancies can either be housed alone or with a pair of ASF that i am happpy to bond prier to collection. male fancies should not be housed together unless other wise stated (bred to be housed together) due to fighting once sexually mature.
All my mice are bred with temperament and health as the top priority. so can guarantee all mice are bred from lines (parents) with no known heath problems and perfect temperament non of my mice bite etc. i have left mice till they are 6 month old completely unhandled then started to handle them to test this and not one showed any sigh of aggression and where happy to be handled so am happy to home these guys with children.
Mice make fantastic pet for all the family however due to care not been as well known as hamsters etc I am happy to give fully detailed care sheets to any potential new owner.
please feel free to message with any questions etc
happy to deliver at fuel cost

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Private Advert
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5 months