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Organic hot composted horse manure for use as a soil improver, fertiliser or mulch. Plenty available at all stages of the composting process and more always in the making. Ponies are kept on native grass paddock on the edge of the New Forest National Park, fed top quality weed free meadow hay, sugar beet, alfalfa and linseed to ensure a constant supply. My ponies have zero worm counts but are wormed with Equest Pramox to treat for bot fly larvae and tape worms in the autumn and spring. They are not on any medications. No shavings or straw in the summer batches, bedded on wood pellets and/or shavings in the winter. The next two currently composting batches have additional deciduous autumn leaves added to them so will be excellent quality and highly nutritious.

Hot composted at a steaming shimmering hot temperature and regularly turned and aerated to produce a top quality dark, highly nutritious, earthy smelling compost. I bag it up when it has cooled and the earth worms have moved in and various fungi start sprouting (usually Shaggy Ink Caps and often Horse Mushrooms).

It’s a light crumbly consistency, fantastic as a soil improver to add organic matter to break up heavy soils or retain moisture in sandy soils, fantastic as a mulch to slowly release nutrients, retain moisture and reduce weeding. Great for using on veg patches, as a top dressing around roses and trees and to enrich the soil before planting shrubs, trees, hedges etc. I have happily found that when used as a mulch it has the added bonus of deterring cats from pooping in my borders, they hate walking on it!

Packed in breathable woven polypropylene sacks which allow it to breathe and continue mellowing and blackening down into a fine rich soil-like consistency if you don't want to use it immediately. You could also add some compost worms to break it down further to make the nutrients more quickly available. Estimate approx. 30kg+ per sack. Much more than the bags you get in the garden centre at a fraction of the price and much better quality as this is not mostly bedding.

Do not mistake this for cold composted compacted and watered horse manure which will be soggy, anaerobic, foul sulphurous/sewage smelling, oozing fluid, full of weed seeds and un-composted bedding.

£2 per sack for mature compost. This will be bagged up end December early January.

Currently hot composting manure always available at £1.50 per pre-packed sack. Nothing better for making hot beds for starting your veg early or firing up a dormant compost heap, enriching mowing and clippings heaps and speeding up the composting process.

Easy access for loading, load up just inside the gate, no muddy fields or tracks to drive down. Located just outside Fordingbridge.

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