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If interested please message us via this page to obtain an email address to request a pre adoption form, Please do not call.
TJ 8 year old loving Persian boy, blue white lived with a dog, fine with other cats. Ready to adopt. Has had nasal surgery to enlarge nostrils and improve breathing, as bred to be ultra flat faced. Is used to outdoor garden access in a safe area, with no busy roads. Loving and wants affection and attention. Used to dogs and cats. Nostril enlargement will be done by our vets, as he has been bred to be ultra flat faced with a small nose and to be able to breathe easier. Dental work , micro chipped and all vaccinations up to date. Looking for a forever home.
Expected vet bill for us is going to be about £900, so please understand that adoption fees are critical to keep us going, as even on top of adoption fees we have to fundraise and get swamped by vet bills constantly. Adoption fee £450 because of vet work required to be done. Location Greater London.
Before applying for a Strawberry cat please read the following.
1. Unless otherwise stated, our cats are strictly indoor only. This means that windows/doors cannot be left open in any room to which the cat has access. A cat cannot be trained to be indoor only - it must be supervised. All members of the house must be in agreement, and understand about keeping doors and windows closed. We are happy to re-home to a flat but, likewise, this means windows closed and no balcony access, unless the balcony is totally cat-proofed (netting all the way), same is true for roof terraces, so that they cannot drop to their death.
2. Unless otherwise stated, we do not re-home to children under 6 years old. If there is nothing stated to contrary, assume the cat cannot go to a child under six. For other cats, please also bear in mind that some cats may also be found to be unsuitable, even for children over 6.
3. It is a requirement of our adoption policy that lifetime insurance is obtained and maintained
for every cat adopted. We provide 5 weeks free insurance with every adoption, but the original policy may not suit you and as we are not financial advisors you should seek out the best and appropriate insurance to suit your own needs.
4. Most cats are in Greater London, Essex or Kent, with some fostered further afield. We have volunteers who can transport cats nearer or to you, but fuel costs are payable by yourselves.
If you are happy with the above criteria and want to enquire further or reserve a cat, please message us via this page to obtain an email address to request a Pre-adoption form. Thank you.

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Read more about: Yes
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