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We’re refitting our kitchen and have a new cooker. This one has been uninstalled and is now sitting in our living room (Makes a change from watching the telly)!

Reluctant sale, because this is a fab cooker, but our new colour scheme doesn’t work with it.


Known as ‘The Cook’s Cooker’ this Britannia range is 90cm wide, and standard worktop depth and height.

Multifunction cooker (see below) with auto ignition, electric timer that turns oven off when you’ve set it to do so - not a manual timer that only beeps at you, this one turns the oven on and off, so you can put something in the oven in the morning, set the timer, go off out for the day, and come back to a perfectly cooked dinner in the evening.

Integral clock (with the timer)

Heating up and temperature reached lamps.

Multifunction selector knob, no worn markings.

All burner knobs present and correct.

Brown front and sides, stainless steel hob and burner rings, black enamelled burner caps and pot supports.

Six seperate supports. Door bar. Stainless steel upright gallery to rear edge (this does have a couple of marks on it I can’t shift).

X2 original shelves supplied.

4 different shelf positions.

Burners are gas, oven is electric (I always figure that you can’t go wrong with a dual fuel cooker, because if there’s an electricity cut you can still cook on the hob, and if there’s a gas cut, you still have the oven and grill to cook with.)

Self-cleaning interior.

Warming drawer at base.

X6 gas hob burners, different standard sizes plus one huge triple burner for woks and really big pans. AUTO IGNITION.

Condition is good to very good - no worn markings to knobs, pretty clean hob, was used by us up until very recently and has always been tended to by British Gas engineers under the Home Care insurance thingy - had the grill element replaced recently, and new door hinges fitted. Also a new oven fan, new door seals, new oven lightbulb.

No major cosmetic damage, no gouges, big scrapes, or noticeable dents, dints, or scratches that I can see.

All photos taken in natural daylight, no flash or electric light used.

PLEASE NOTE: Only small issue with it is that the cooling fan has stopped working properly. This means the oven is still useable, but it cuts out after about twenty minutes - luckily, this apparently means the thermostat is still working efficiently! - so currently takes longer than normal to cook roasts etc. It starts up again once it’s cooled down, which is obviously what the cooling fan is designed to do without interrupting the cooking time.

I researched this, and the part costs around £40, so if you’re able to fit it yourself, or have a mate who can, you could have a real bargain on your hands here. These Britannia range cookers cost in the region of £2k when new. Feel free to check the cost of a new cooling fan, and the cost of these cookers, online for yourself :)

I’ve included pictures I took of it very obviously still working, before it was disconnected, so you can see the grill and burners working. Can’t show the oven working as it’s electric and the oven doesn’t change colour when it’s hot as the rear and bottom heating elements are concealed in the oven walls.

**Apart from the grot I just found in the warming drawer (never used) the ONLY thing that needs attention is the cooling fan. British Gas engineers (their insurance thing) said the oven temp is controlled by the thermostat and the cooling fan working in conjunction with each other, and that the thermostat is working fine, whilst the cooling fan is not. The thermostat shuts the oven off because the cooling fan isn’t cooling the oven. The cooling fan really needs replacing.

Also, I completely forgot, the main fan was also replaced quite recently by BG too. It had started to sound like a B52 trying to take off, so we got BG out for that. They replaced the door hinges, the oven lightbulb and the seals at the same time.

Still have the handbook, obv will go to buyer, which lists its multifunctions as:

#1. Defrost function - fan only, to help defrost food. Defrosting of frozen food is accelerated by means of fan-driven air circulation (extremely handy when you’ve forgotten to get something out of the freezer the night before!) Reduces thawing time by appoximately one third - and it won’t start cooking your food like a microwave does when you defost using one of those. Also good for softening ice-cream, or quickly defrosting frozen desserts.

#2. True Fan Oven - a more even heat than a conventional ove and food is ‘sealed’ very quickly. As there is no top or bottom heat, the whole area of the oven can be utilized. Ideal for batch baking or cooking a complete meal. Several different dishes can be cooked using various shelf positions. Cooking temperatures are lower than in a conventional oven. (And often quicker to cook on fan.)

#3. Fan Assisted Oven - for even temperatures and cooking a variety of dishes at the same time. A fast, intensive form of cooking. It replaces the spit and can be used for baked fish, braised vegetables, kebabs, roast chicken, duck, etc.

#4. Fan Assisted Grilling - perfect for mixed grills, steaks, chops, sausages, kebabs etc. For safety, grilling is conducted with the oven door closed.

#5. Traditional Grilling - this operates as a normal grill (not fan-assisted) and can be used accordingly.

#6. Top Element Only - for browning dishes - cauliflower cheese, cottage pie, shepherd’s pie, etc (dauphinnoise come out well on this setting, as does cheese-topped potato). Less ferocious than using the grill to brown toppings.

#7. Bottom Element Only - for pizzas, slow cooking, casseroles, etc.

#8. Conventional Oven - for delicate pastries, general cooking, roasts and baking.

#9. Oven Light - keep an eye on your cooking
without opening the oven door.

Handbook includes lots of recipes from reknowned chef Willi Elsener, who was Executive Chef at The Dorchester for many years. Includes:

#2 Function, True Fan Oven -
- Roast Loin of Venison with Pumpkin and Wild Mushroom
(shelf position 3)
- Apple and Ginger Cake
(shelf position 3)
- Iced Star Biscuits
(shelf positions 1,2,3, or 2,3,4 for 3 baking trays)
- Pumpkin and Coconut Cake
(shelf position 4)
- Potato and Shallot Bake
(shelf position 3)
- Spinach and Smoked Haddock Pie
(shelf position 2)
- Wholewheat Bread
(shelf position 3)
- Sticky Date Cake
(shelf position 3)

#3 Function, Fan Assisted Oven -
- Baked Salmon in Lotus Leaves
(shelf position 3)
- Roast Duck with Banana and Orange Sauce
(shelf position 3)
- Steamed Red Snapper
(shelf position 3)
- Sultana Scones
(shelf position 2)
- Oven Roasted Vegetables
(shelf position 1)

#4 Function, Fan Assisted Grilling -
- Rack of English Lamb witha Grain Mustard and Herb Crust
(shelf position 2)
- Honey Chicken Thighs (shelf position 2)
- Sirloin Steak with Aioli
(shelf position 1)
- Baked Vegetable and Rice Omelette (shelf position 3)

#5 Function, Traditional Grilling -
- Skewers of Lamb Marinated with Ginger and Soya (shelf position 2)
- Cranberry and Baked Pear Pancakes with Calvados Cream (shelf position 3 plus hob)
- Glazed Goat’s Cheese and Anchovies on Toast (shelf position 1 - top)
- Banana Crumble with Passion Fruit and Coconut (shelf position 2)

#6 Function, Top Element Only -
- Cinnamon and Fig Gratin (shelf position 2)
- Gratinated Spinach (shelf position 2)
- Shepherd’s Pie with Garlic Mash (shelf position 2)

#7 Function, Bottom Element Only-
- Cardamom Rice with Chicken and Fish (shelf position 4 - bottom)
- Caramelized Onion and Cottage Cheese Tart (shelf positions 4 then 3)
- Chicken Casserole with Port Wine and Spring Carrots (shelf position 4 - bottom)
- Pizza (shelf position 3)
- Meringues (shelf position 1 - top)

#8 Function, Conventional Oven -
- Peppers filled with Minced Lamb (shelf position 3)
-Chicken Salad with Roasted Garlic (shelf position 3)
-Orange Brioche and Butter Pudding (shelf position 3)
- Little Pots of Chocolate (shelf position 3)
Personal inspection welcome - first to see will buy. We’re very flexible with days and times as partner works from home.

Collection needed, whether by the buyer or by a Courier or similar Anyvan type service. We’re happy to pack it securely to be collected a courier/ similar, just let us know after purchase when you’ve arranged one.
If you’d rather collect it yourself, that’s fine too. We’re in NE Cambs, just south of Peterboro.

You will probably be best off with a van that has a tail-left, or even two strong people will likely struggle to heave this into the back of a vehicle!

Thought I’d given it a good clean, but now it’s out of the kitchen and not sandwiched between units, it looks like it could do with another good clean!

Oven door glass present, unmarked, no damage.
Hinges new.
Grill element new.
Door seals new.
Oven fan new.
Oven lightbulb new.
All pan supports present, some show some wear, but nothing horrendous.

Some burner rings/ collars are marked from use, have done my best to clean them but you might do better than me! They aren’t horrible, just a few burnt on marks my feeble hands can’t get off.

Hob base is pretty perfect, good stainless steel that is still stain-less. Pls see photos.


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