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Selling my beloved Aga, converted by Aga from oil to electric and with AIMs technology giving flexibility and can be plugged in anywhere, no flue required. Excellent condition and working order other than one small chip on the right hot plate lid (can be seen on the photo).
Buyer to arrange dismantle and collection
About the AGA
At nearly one and half metres wide, the impressive 4-oven AGA cooker is bursting with must-have features. As well as the roasting, simmering and baking ovens of the 3-oven AGA cooker, the 4-oven AGA cooker also features a warming oven. This additional feature is perfect for warming plates, resting food or cooking delicate dishes such as meringues. It makes delivering even the most complicated meal an absolute delight, keeping roast joints warm and succulent prior to carving
A 4-oven AGA cooker is an indispensable helping hand in a busy kitchen, allowing you to multi-task with the minimum of effort. As well as the simmering and boiling plates that come as standard with all models, another useful feature of the 4-oven AGA is the warming plate which is useful to serve from.
AIMS is a device that allows you to program your heat-storage AGA cooker.
It's simple to use and flexible enough to fit in with today's busy lifestyle. For example, on weekend baking days you can set your AGA cooker to be on normal all day and slumber at night, or to fit in with the normal weekly routine, you can program it to heat just at specific times of the day. Either way, it will always be ready for you to use, whenever you need it.
AIMS comes with a handy pre-set mode, with two active periods each day. The AGA will be up to normal heat ready to cook breakfast in the morning; drop down to low throughout the day and return it to normal ready for you to cook dinner in the evening. During the night, the system automatically goes into slumber mode, its lowest temperature.
When not up to full heat, the AGA cooker is always warm and even on the low setting will cook most food beautifully. And for those times when you are not planning on using your AGA cooker, for example, in the morning, you can override the default settings and choose two completely different cooking times. Don't worry, if you want the AGA at normal you can override the default settings or personalise them to you.
'Holiday' mode allows you to set your AGA cooker on either the low or slumber setting or turn it off completely during your selected dates. This mode will also automatically restart itself in time for your return. Ideal for longer holidays or holiday homes.

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