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Royal Pythons
CBB20 Female Firefly £350
CB20 Male Banana Pastel Possible Het Pied £400
CB20 Female Spider Poss Yellowbelly £150
CB20 Enchi Possible Het Pied £150
CB20 Male Albino £395
*Grown on*
CB19 Female Firefly Pinstripe £325
CB19 Female Black Pastel Pinstripe Enchi £300
CB17 Female Lesser £150
CB07 Male Normal £50

Corn snakes
CB20 Male Striped £100
CB20 Male Scaleless Possible Het Amel, Anery, Hypo, Caramel, Sunkissed £360
CB20 Male Pied-Sided £120
CB20 Male Normal £79
*Grown on*
CB 6-7year Male Snow Corn £125
CB11 Snow Corn £95

CB20 Male Hypo Common Boa £150

Carpet Pythons
CB20 Male Normal 100% Het Albino £90
CB20 Male Pure Coastal Tiger Carpet Python £150
CB20 Male IJ Carpet Python £125
Cbb20 female caramel albino £250

Other snakes
CB20 Striped Cali-King Snake £199 (stunning example)
CB20 Male African House Snake £75
CB20 Male Albino (poss T+) African House Snake £125
CB20 Male Sinaloan Milk Snake £139
CB20 Male Bredl's Python £149
CB20 Female Bredl’s Python £159
CB Male Coloured Amazon Tree Boa £325
CB Male Cali King (Showing signs of age, possible cataracts) £100

Bearded Dragons
CB21 Baby (Possible Male) Leatherback 100% Het Zero, 100% Het Hypo £300
4x CB21 Baby Unsexed Normals £200 each
CB19 Male

Crested Geckos
CB20 Dalmation £120
CB20 Poss Female Tiger (Minor MBD Damage) £40
CB20 “CRUMPLE” Female Extreme Harlequin (Severe MBD Damage) £20
CB20 Poss Female Dark Base Lily White £850
CB20 Poss Male Dark Base Lily White £850
CB Adult Male High Contrast Full Pinstripe Harlequin FB £80

Gargoyle Geckos
CB20 Poss Female Yellow/Orange and Black Stripe £225
CB20 Female Striped (Regen Tail) £225
CB21 Poss Male Orange Blotched possible Mosaic £250

Leopard Geckos
Babies due soon

Other Geckos
Adult Male Skunk Stripe African Fat Tail £85
Adult Male Tokay Gecko £120
CB20 Giant Day Gecko (Imperfect) £65
2x Juvenile Giant Day Gecko Pair £175
CB21 (Possible Female) Bauer's Chameleon Gecko £200
CB20 Yellow Headed Gecko £75
CB18 Adult Male Lined Day Gecko £69
Mourning Geckos £25 each or 3 for £65
CB20 Juvenile (Male) New Caledonian Giant Gecko (Friedel GT x Moro) £650
2x CB20 Unsexed Gold Dust Day Geckos £95 each

2x CB21 Baby Male Ambilobe Panther Chameleons £299 each
2x CB20 Sub-adult Female Ambilobe Panther Chameleons £75 each
3x CB21 Baby Female Yemen Chameleons £75
5x CB21 Baby Male Pied Yemen Chameleons £105 each

Other Lizards
LTC Spotted Spiny Tailed Iguana £100
Adult Male Blue Headed Anole (Imperfect) £59
CB20 Moroccan Uromastyx (Yellow) £425
Sub-adult Male Collared Lizard (Tail nip) £100
5x CF Baby Bosc Monitors £85 each
CB20 Poss Female Sailfin Amboinensis (Slightly imperfect) £239
CB Female Blue Tegu (Imperfect) £600

Wild Type Axolotl £29
Albino Axolotl £39
10x CB20 American Green Tree Frogs £25 each
CB20 White Lipped Tree Frog £25
Giant African Bullfrog £120
CB Strawberry Horned Frog £65.99
CB Ornate Horned Frog £66.99
2x CB Albino Horned Frog £60 each
2x CB Green Horned Frog £50 each
2x Asian River Toads £75 each
*Dart Frogs*
2x Dyeing Dart frogs Matecho £75 each
2x P.Vittatus Golfodulcean Dart Frogs £79 each
5x Bumblebee Dart Frogs £75 each or 3+ £70 each
6x Blue Azureus Dart Frogs £75 each or 3+ £70 each

Turtles and Tortoises
6yr old Female Horsefield Tortoise £249
10x CB20 Leopard Tortoises £199 each
CB19 Hermann's Tortoise £249 or £199 with kit
9x CB20 Baby Musk Turtles £45 each

Exotic Mammals
African Pygmy Hedgehogs due soon

Giant Deadleaf Mantis £17.99
3x Spiny Flower Mantis £24.99
African Mantis £16.99
Ghost Mantis £24.99
2x Giant Asian Mantis £

3x Mexican Red Knee (B.hamorii) £22.50 each
Suntiger (P.irminia) £8
OBT p.murinus £23.99
1cm Trinidad Chevron (P.cambridgei) £12.99
2-3cm Trinidad Chevron (P.cambridgei) £25
Mexican Fireleg (B.boehmei) £28
Brazilian Salmon Pink BirdEater (L.parahybana) £7
Mexican Red Rump (T.vagans) £15
1cm Brazilian Red and White (N.chromatus) £10
1-2cm Brazilian Red and White (N.chromatus) £15
Curly Hair (T.albopilosum) £5
1-2cm Orange Baboon (P.murinus usambara) £12
Chaco Golden Knee (G.pulchripes) £15
Cobalt Blue (C.lividum) £29.99
2x Veracruz Red Rump (T.kahlenbergi) £20 each
*Grown on*
Mexican Red Knee (B.smithi) £75
Mexican Fireleg (B.boehmei) £71.99
Nigerian Brown (H.laticeps) £15
Asian Fawn (C.huahini) £17.99
(B.smithi) £75
2x Pink Toe (A.avicularia) £59 each
Thailand Black (C.minax) £40
Female Indian Ornamental (P.regalis) £89 or £120 with tank
Male Indian Ornamental (P.regalis) £49

Baby Asian Forest (H.petersii) £9
Desert Hairy (H.arizonensis) £73.99
2x Emperor scorpion £99 each

Millipedes/ Centipedes
Rainbow Millipedes £12.99
Giant African Millipedes £19.99

5x Strawberry Hermit Crabs £30 each
4x Blueberry Hermit Crabs £25 each
Sun Beetles £4 each
Giant African Land Snails Small £5, Medium £10, Large £15 each
4x Lichen Macleays stick insect £17.50 each
1x Macleays Stick insect £10

For more information about any of our animals please message us :)
Please note that we will ask for proof of a suitable setup if not purchasing one from us before letting any of our animals go.
Delivery by ourselves is available for most animals ranging in price based on distance, please message for a quote.
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