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3 really lovely and sweet baby budgies. These are siblings so if you are taking more than 1, please do not breed them.

I do not know their genders yet as they are still young. They appear to be eating/drinking on their own (7 weeks old) but will continue to monitor this as advert is live. Dark blue is the eldest, followed by green, then light blue.

They are young enough to begin hand-taming and are quite sweet already!

I have a green, light blue, and darker blue. For those who aren't home very much, it might be best to get a 2nd to keep them company as budgies are social creatures. If you are looking for your lifelong companion, then a single one, can be a wonderful companion - many can do tricks, if male maybe even speak if they get regular activity and interaction.

Budgies can be loud, they are messy eaters, they need companionship if they are to be or remain hand-tame, they need seed, fresh fruit and veg, minerals and calcium, toys and a large enough cage to give them room to move (cleaned regularly), flying room to really exercise. Are you ready to have a budgie?

I want to encourage people to have a lovely pet budgie, I love watching them and interacting with them, but I also do not want to give a false impression which leaves people with an uncertain purchase that they regret.

Please note though all animals, even small budgies, are a commitment. I am sorry if that is lecturing, but too often, they are seen as low cost pets, and therefore seen as expendable pets.

As I have bred these and helped raise them, it is important they go to a home that will care for them.

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Private Advert
CITES Article 10
No - this species does not require an Article 10 certificate
Current Age
5 months