Advert Description

the fish den fully aquatics home based fully licensed & insuranced

open all weekend pop me a message to arrange a visit (you won't be disappointed)

Hi fin swordtails £1.20
Peacocks £3
Clown barbs £1.50
Cardinals £1.50
Plattys £1
Guppys Snow White & Tuxedo red £1.50
Normal guppys £1
Angle fish £3.50
Golden nugget pleco £25.00
Clown loaches £3.50
Mollies £1.50
Salfin mollys £6 a pair
Red rainbow fish £3.00
Albino red tail sharks £2
Fire tetra £1.30
Dwarf neon gourami £2
Feather fins £2
Fire mouth £3.50
Weather loaches £4
Zebra loaches £4
Paradise fish £4
Glass fin tetres £1.10
Rosey barbs £1.20

We are based in the isle of Sheppy but happy to deliver all over Kent

The prices are a special offer don’t miss out card & cash & PayPal accepted

Additional Information

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Private Advert
Current Age
26 years