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I have a range of guinea pigs and rabbits that are in pairs and bonded that I am putting up for sale, this was my last resort but I just don’t have the time for them and I feel very guilty for not putting in the love and time they need.
I have 2 lion lops x drawf rabbits that are both a cream colour called Roo (female not neutered) and Simba (male neutured) they are both very bonded and very affectionate however Roo being female is a bit more fussy and will let you know if she wants to get stroked! Happy to provide more pictures both around 1 years old.
I have a Lion head called Hercules, cream coloured (male neutered) and a Dutch called Nala, grey and white (female neutured) can provide pictures as well! Both around 1 years old.
Now the guinea pigs!
I have a bonded male pair called Timon and Tiger who are long haired, can provide pictures of these! They are aged around 1 now.
I have a group of 3 males
Called Wilbur who is an orange and white teddy guinea, Tom and Jerry who are grey and the other is brown and they are short haired. These ones would be just under 1. Photos can also be provided!
I do have a range of different cages that can potentially come with the animals at an extra cost but I’d be looking for £40 per pair and any interest, the home will be checked.
They all have a story to them which I’m happy to tell please only enquirer if generally interested.

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