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Meet “Wulf” - our fabulous campervan / race van / motorhome.
We have owned him for about 5 years and he has taken us on some amazing adventures around the UK and Europe.
Wulf was converted into camper van just before we purchased him by an experienced van converter based in Oxford. He is registered as a motor caravan on the V5 log book (with DVLA) which gives you all the benefits of a motorhome versus a van. We bought him with about 70,000 miles on (so low mileage for his age). He has been 100% reliable since purchase and is now sitting with circa 122,300 miles (which will change, as he is taxed and is always ready to roll). As you already know, these engines can do significantly more than 250,000 miles with correct servicing / usage!
Based on an Iveco Daily 35S14 long wheel base van, Wulf benefits from a 140 BHP turbo diesel engine. The engine is amazing and 100% dependable. Capable of overtaking comfortably if necessary and cruising if on a motorway, to achieve distance.
Remarkably, he is very economical for a 7 metre van (he's 2.7 metres tall). He can return a comfortable 30 mpg if driven correctly. With his good sized fuel tank, he can achieve good distances with passenger comfort all the way.
There are 3 belted seats in the front cab and 1 belted seat in the living section. A total of 4 belted seats. He has 4 sleeping berths (which could be squeezed to 5 if it was 3 smaller children and 2 adults).
Wulf is below 3.5 tonnes meaning you can avoid certain licence restrictions to drive him or tacograph issues (that come with a van over that weight). He also has an amazing payload capacity.
Essentially Wulf has 3 main sections:-
the front cab - which seats 3 people including the driver
the mid “accommodation” section which can seat 4 (at a push, 5) people
the rear garage
All of the above are described in more detail below.
The front cab:
is spacious for driver and 2 passengers with the driver having a dashboard console centred around him/her. There is a 12V charger socket, 2 x small compartments, coin holder, car CD/ radio player, fan heater, hazard warning control, front & rear fog light switches, 2 storage compartments, headlight high/low beam, headlight beam height control adjustor (for towing - Wulf has a tow bar that we fitted professionally for our benefit - it has been rarely used). The original tools to jack up and change wheels are under the driver’s seat in the original holding tray. The original user manual is present.
Wulf benefits from a reversing camera system that we had professionally fitted. The monitor is located in the front cab for the driver’s benefit and can have its viewing angle adjusted quickly and easily. When you put the van into reverse, the monitor automatically detects this and switches on, allowing for fantastic, clear reversing vision. You can also opt to have the monitor switched on constantly while driving, e.g. if you wanted to monitor something you were towing. You can connect other devices to the monitor, e.g. to play film, etc.. It has a remote control too!
The passenger area has a large, lockable storage compartment (with cup holder incorporated) and a massive under (double passenger seat) storage area.
Both driver and passenger doors have a large storage compartment and both have a good old fashioned manual window opening handle winder (nothing to go wrong there then!).
The mid section:
Wulf is a bit like the Dr Who’s Tardis!! - he feels much bigger on the inside than he looks on the outside. He is a full height van - no worries about having to crouch as you walk around inside - you can stand tall and proud.
He has been fully insulated (so even in winter, he is warm - providing you use a heater to pre-warm him, like you would any other motorhome). He has a cloth finish interior on all the walls/ceiling - giving a pleasant feel.
So, in the mid section, you have an L shaped seating area. There is a removable table and pole situated behind the driver’s seat that can be erected in the centre of the seating area - so you can enjoy a family meal around a dining table? The L shaped seating has a huge amount of storage underneath (as can be seen in the additional pictures that are available by request) and also contains the leisure battery. The L shaped seats converts into 2 spacious, comfortable sleeping berths! There is 1 belted seat incorporated in to the L seating - further belted seats could potentially be added if wanted.
Above the L shaped seating, there are 4 overhead storage units - all in all there is great deal of storage in Wulf.
The floor is covered in easy to clean, hard wearing lino. To the ceiling, there is a roof window/light/vent with a fly screen - which allows ventilation as and when required.
Next to the seating there is an enclosed en-suite with flushing toilet (with Thetford cassette located in the separate garage). There is a toilet roll holder. There is also an overhead 12V LED light and switch. We will include a shelving unit and the mirror we fitted on the external face of the toilet entrance door.
Next to the en-suite toilet and kitchen (and above the rear garage), there is a fixed, large double bed (circa 6’6” x 6’) which has a very comfortable memory foam mattress (included in the sale) and 2 x 12 volt switchable LED lights. A ladder (included in the sale) will help you climb up/down.
Then you have the kitchen area which has a worktop with an incorporated 1 x gas burner cooking ring, (with electric ignition), sink, tap (with pumped running cold water) and a drainer - which is all contained under a black glass lid. You also have a good sized 3 way fridge which incorporates a freezer section (ice for your drinks, maybe??). You also have a large and a small cupboards for storage. If required, you could easily fit a worktop extender to give even more worktop space.
There are 4 main ceiling LED lights and a carbon monoxide/fire detector (included).
The garage section:
If you thought the cab and the mid section were capacious... just you wait to see the garage - its HUGE!
In the garage, you have the main electric consumer unit, electric hook up cable/connector, double 240V power sockets, single 12V charger socket, LED lighting and switch, gas bottle, Thetford waste disposal cassette, toilet flushing system liquid refill point, high level storage area, hanging hooks and a wooden infill - to convert the L-shaped seating area in the mid section to a double bed, etc..
The garage could easily house 4 cycle bikes or a kart, or kayaks, or 3 trail/trials motorbikes or whatever will fit in it - for your particular outdoor activity passion. It is over 2 metres long and about 4 metres square in total!
We have used it, from time to time, to carry our lightweight trail motorbikes and have had a customised bike rack built - making easy to remove or put them in. In all, the rack will accommodate 3 trail motorbikes. The rack is not included for sale, but could be purchased if required. We have a lightweight aluminium ramp available (as can be seen in some of the available pictures) - this is not included in the sale, but could be sold at a mutually agreeable price.
Did we tell you about the awning?:
The van benefits greatly from a large Fiamma F65 awning (circa 4.5 metres long) which extends out from the side sliding central door (allowing access via the mid accommodation section). The awning extends out to over 2 metres, giving you a significantly increased private space to enjoy (and protection from sun / rain / elements, etc.).
For sale, by separate agreement, we also have all the components and parts for the side and front walls to connect to the awning to make a fully enclosed (year round) living space. This significantly increases your enjoyable living space and is very highly recommended - as buying the exact, correct parts at a later date could prove to be both challenging and significantly more expensive.
PLEASE NOTE: All the following features all work fully and there are no known faults/warning lights or operational issues in the entirety of the vehicle.
The electrical set up:
Wulf has a full, internal 240V mains electric system with a standard 3 pin connector for an electric hook up, e.g. for caravan sites, etc.. He includes a RCD consumer unit with test switch and 2 trip fuses. There is a double plug socket in the garage and 3 double sockets in the mid “accommodation” section. The fridge is connected to the mains electricity circuit and can be used on mains electric (when connected to a hook up) or 12V if wild camping/travelling. You can connect the mains electricity to a generator if you want mains electric in a "wild camping" situation (generator not included).
For the 12V system, we invested in the best leisure battery we could afford - understanding that this provides power for the accommodation & garage LED lighting throughout, the sink water pump and the 3 way fridge. The leisure battery is charged when the main vehicle is running - and if carefully used, could give you a week or two of 12V LED lighting/water pump use for the sink. There is also a digital display which gives you an up to date battery charge status level for your peace of mind/awareness.
Also running off the main leisure battery, there are 2 x 12 volt charger sockets in the mid section and 1 further socket in the garage (handy for air compressor or other 12V tools). There is a further 12 volt charger in the front cab, but this charges off the main vehicle (not the leisure) battery - which again we replaced with the best one we could purchase about 2 years ago.
A fully working after-market vehicle alarm is fitted for your security.
Wulf has 2 under chassis water storage units: 1 for the accommodation area and a separate one which can be used for either a general water supply or for a pressure washer (pressure washer not included in the sale). Both water storage units are filled externally and have a shut off valve.
The accommodation water (cold only) supply is pumped into the kitchen sink (by the 12V electric system) - the sink has a drainage system which runs to a pipe under the van, for collection/disposal.
Life’s a Gas:
Wulf has a gas supply in the garage (with low level safety venting). The gas is only used for the gas cooking ring in the kitchen (currently). The 3 way fridge could also be ran on gas, but we opted to only have it connected to the 12V and 240V options. It would be relatively straight forward for a purchaser to have the fridge connected to gas if this was needed, e.g. for wild camping. Of course a generator would negate you needing to connect the gas to the fridge - if you have one.
Gas consumption is low in Wulf!!!! In 5 years we have not used up 1 bottle - we still think it’s the “magic porridge pot” gas bottle - will it ever run out???
It’s all going down:
Emergency stop for an emergency plop?? No more worries about "can we make it to the service station or is there a toilet at this venue"....
Wulf has an onboard lavatory facility which could be a life saver for some.... The waste Thetford cassette unit (seemingly a task allocated for me the male species, for an entirely yet unknown reason) is located in the garage for emptying purposes. The top up fluid storage container, for the all important flush, is located in the garage.
Under the hood:
The van has an excellent service history and whilst in our ownership has not been scrimped on (at all). We have all the receipts and paperwork for everything we have spent on him (including historical MOTs). He is currently MOT’d until 22 March 2019. The V5 is, of course, present and corroborates with the vehicle's chassis number. The original spare key and a spare alarm zapper are available/included.
Wulf has a 5 speed gearbox along with the reverse gear. He is incredibly easy to drive and manoeuvre. His turning circle makes 3+ points an absolute doddle - honestly! If you are not used to driving vans, Wulf definitely gives you the sense you are driving a really manageable sized vehicle, not a 7 metre holiday bus, that is capable of taking you, you partner, your family, your friends and loads of kit on another adventure!! The elevated driving position gives you a fabulous field of vision that most other vehicles never could.
Everything works correctly in terms of driver controls. There are no warning light issues on the dashboard - as anything like that would be fixed immediately.
He was last serviced in November 2017 and not due for another one until November 2018.
You will be pleased to know that Wulf, despite only being 12 years young, is looking great for his age! We would score him an 8/10 for external condition. We have seen many other 2006 vans that look in awful/rusty condition - in our opinion, he is one of the tidiest vehicles externally that we have seen for his age! We have made sure to keep him in good condition.
He has a few very minor spots of rust and one or two small patches where paint has flaked slightly - but all in all he looks fabulous (as can be seen from the pictures).
Wulf has an external antenna for the radio and a footstep for the rear garage. He also has a (rarely used) towbar with euro electrics connector.
To give him longevity, we invested in a professional underseal treatment about 9 months ago.
In general, he is in great condition - we would give him an 8/10. For a van of this age, of course there are going to be marks or minor cosmetic issues - but in all reality, any that are present do not affect the operation or sheer pleasure that our trusted friend, Wulf, brings. If you are pernickety about these things....we suggest you deepen your pockets and go an buy a brand new motorhome - if you do...please send our very best to Mr HMRC, when you hand over all that lovely value added tax ????
In summary:
If you want/need a well looked after, well loved camper van/motorhome/race van - especially if you are the kind of people who are into outdoor activities, for the money, my wife and I are confident that Wulf is one of the best buys you can get for your money for this age/type of vehicle.
Truth be known....we'll be gutted to see him go (hankies will be on the ready). Being that as we have become more aged, our vehicle needs have changed and we want to see Wulf go to a happy home where he will be cared for (as we have). Believe us, the rewards he brings far outweigh everything!
Inspections are totally welcome by arrangement. Please contact us if you have any questions/need any more information.
If you are not interested after reading all the above, then why are you reading this last line ;-). You'll be delighted you called us if you do.
Strictly cash on collection only. ??
No agencies thanks! Serious buyers entertained and welcomed. We can recommend a nearby place called Kwik Fit if you like kicking tyres. Text message offers will be respectfully ignored.

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