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Advert Description

Argus Monitors £500 each
Bearded Dragons - Mixed Morphs From £100 each
Crested Geckos - Babies £75 each
Fat Tail Geckos - Oreos £250 each
Gargoyle Gecko £250 each
Green Anoles £20 each or 2 for £30
Green Keel Bellied Lizard £400 each
Iguana - Fiji - Male £1300 each
Koch's Giant Day Gecko £110 each or 2 for £200
Leachianus Gecko - Nuu Ana £800 each
Leopard geckos From £45
Northern Spiny Tailed Gecko - Males £200 each
Panther Chameleon - Nosy Be - Male £500 each
Panther Chameleon - Sambava - Female £100 each
Rankins Dragons £175 each or £150 each when also purchasing a full setup
Red Eye Crocodile Skinks £175 each or £150 each when also purchasing a full setup
Reunion Island Day Gecko £360 a pair
Ridge Tail Monitor £300 each or £275 each when also purchasing a full setup
Shield Tailed Agama £250 each
Skunk Gecko £80 each
Tegu - Red £400 each
Veiled/Yemen Chameleon - Female £75 each

Preloved Safety Advice: If you're considering replying to this advert, you MUST read our Pet Buying Checklist. Never send money for an animal without first seeing it in its own home and, if a deposit is required, please choose a method of money transfer that offers you protection, such as Trustap, PayPal or Credit Card.

Additional Information

Advert Type
Business Advert
Current Age
3 years
CITES Article 10
No - this species does not require an Article 10 certificate