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Walter is currently waiting for his home with a dog behaviourist and trainer who has taken him under her wing. Please read ALL of his description given to us by his foster and contact us to be put in contact with her.
the Anatolian x Lurcher is looking for his forever.

Walter is very social with people and dogs - however he is also very large, young and doesn't always take a hint. So he is looking for an experienced dog owner who will save him from his own daftness and keep him out of trouble.

He is crate trained and keeps his crate clean.

He has been kennelled and settles down but prefers to be able to see the humans he is bonded with.

He has been left here but always with other dogs about so this is untested.

He is very interested in small furies and feathered animals and would chase/kill if allowed.

He is very hound/flock guardian like in his temperament.

He barks when someone arrives but greets them as if they are an old friend.

His obedience is on his terms and whilst it has improved vastly in a month, he cannot yet be let off lead or relied upon to come when called. If you fancied a challenge he could be a handy obedience dog as he trains easy, he just runs out of batteries quick but he actually scrubs up quickly and is already trotting for a hand lure.

He is a very low energy dog and requires little to no exercise to be happy - however- he needs more exercise than he wants to be fit and healthy so he has had lots of training her with his movement and fitness in mind which has totally exhausted him. Twenty minutes training twice a day will see him sleep for the rest if the day and you will need to take him out to toilet or he will just keep his legs crossed and wait...

..which brings me onto his health - like his exercise, he does not drink alot, or enough, so baited water is used to encourage him and guard against kidney issues. This has greatly altered the way he smells from smelling like a dusty rug to having no real odour at all.

He has been castrated at an early age which will likely adversely affect him as an adult - but we cannot stick them back on. Mindfulness is required with him to optimise his enjoyment and longevity.

He loves cuddles, he is a great big lump to cuddle and all the fluffy!

He hates travelling in vehicles and at the time will not willingly enter any vehicle, even a huge van. His dislike is reducing but is is still a negative emotion toward the "magical tin box of adventure" the other dogs here jump into if left open at any time!

He guards food from dogs - not people and he really does mean it. He has been managed by covering his crate at meal times or when he has a bone.

He will also guard any chews/bones left where he can see them but not reach them, from any other dog.

He was fed a kibble I will not name before he arrived which was likely a key factor in all his 'problems'. He is currently on Origen puppy and raw meat.

If you fancy giving this, still growing, fluffy "doofus" floor space and a sunny spot in the garden to lounge about in, please message us.

He is homed subject to a contract, back ground check, homecheck at your expense and adoption fee.

Obviously all of the above is dynamic and he is a work in progress, at the time of writting, the above is a frill free and honest description of Walter.

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Anatolian x LurcheR
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