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Red Backed Paradise fish for sale £2.00 each or 3 for £5:00.

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• Scientific name: Macropodus Erythropterus/Spechti
• Common name: Red Backed/Black Paradise Fish
• Group: Labyrinth fishes
• Origin: China, Vietnam
• Adult Size including tails: males approx. 14cm/females 9cm
• Habitat: Fresh water, rivers & lakes
• Diet: flake, live and frozen food.
• Temperature: 18-25°C
• Water PH:  6 to 8
• Behavior: Same as other medium sized Gouramis
The Paradise fish's natural habitat is freshwater rivers and lakes.  Like all anabantoids Paradise fish have specialized chambers in their gills which enable them breath air which they gulp from the water surface.  Although in the wild this enables them to live in water with poor oxygen levels, Like all other fish they need to be kept in a properly maintained filtered aquarium and should not be kept in a bowl.
Both males and females will display to each other splaying their fins to show of their elongated forked tail, anal and dorsal fins.
These fish are rarely seen in the general aquatic shops which is surprising as they are interesting, elegant with lively personalities and extremely easy to keep. 

Paradise fish also do well in cooler temperatures and unlike other gouramis can be kept in an unheated aquarium at room temperature, making them an interesting and unusual alternative to the very common goldfish which quickly out grow their environment.
Paradise fish can be kept in a community aquarium with other medium sized fish such as gouramis, Sword tails, mollies and platies and the smaller sized cichlids but are not good tank mates for very small tetras or guppies or aggressive territorial fish such as larger cichlids.
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