Advert Description

I am selling my 160L fish tank which I only bought brand new 3 weeks ago. It comes with everything:
-LED Lights worth £35
-Heater worth £30
-Filter worth £35
-Gravel substrate
-Bog wood
-Pre-soaked spider wood
-A hide for the fish
-4 mossballs
-Crystal clear water clearer
-Tap Water conditioner
-Bio CO2
-Bacteria Booster
-All food i have bought for the fish
-hand held subtrate filter pump

The fish in the tank are as follows:

1 x electric blue rams
3 x XL Cardinal Tetras
2 x standard rams
1 x golden ram
1 x Bristle-nose catfish

These fish are easy to look after and go well with most
Other types of fish you can buy at an aquarium

Please note - i will include more photos later this evening!

Additional Information

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Private Advert
Current Age
9 weeks