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**** Please no timewasters *** 3 MALE mini lops born August 18. 1 female grèy mini lop born March18. living in 5ft hutches in garage so need at least that size and to be in a garage or shed or somewhere sheltered over winter as wont have their winter coats. part vaccinated with filavac cost me £30 and they have been vet checked twice ( costs around £35 , still need novbivac which is around £35 )baby mini lops available looking for a forever PET homes for the up to 12 years they may live who will vaccinate them yearly.ideally looking for them to be homed in pairs , or with an existing neutered opposite sex rabbit as very sociable animals & as always been around others and could be lonely on her own or would need several hours of daily attention ie house rabbit. To see to bonded rabbits together is amazing playing together, cuddling & cleaning each other. Recommended to be neutered to stop any hormones, spraying & fighting & cancer.Any questions please text or message. 2 boys will need neutering asap from 16 weeks so dont start fighting.girl/boy need separating at 12 weeks until boy can be neutered and usually 4 weeks after. 2 x blue eyed grey and white boys . 1 brown eyed grey and white boy. Come with change over food. Thanks

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Mini Lop
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3 months
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at 11 weeks
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Mother and Father
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