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A very attractive 18 inch spoked wheel, the wheel itself would benefit for a sanding downand the brass area a bit of bras polish and a ‘lick of varnish’ = nice job for a sunny afternoon when the sun is in the sky(?? I laugh at all my own jokes?) the actual steering box where the wheel is mounted to the dashboard as a proper piece of early engineering it looks very similar to a steering box say on a Landrover or similar = quality through and through,this would not take a man with engineering type skills too long to fit his project= tailor it to suit his “one off project” eg fast motor cruiser or sailing vessel or ideal in a small day boat perhaps, it is Not a Teleflex or Morse it is a 6 ins solid shaft which comes down from the centre of the console from here it can operate operate in several different directions ( if required) there are couplings at the end of the 6 ft shaft they are very similar to track rod ends they have obviously been well lubricated on the previous installation the final piece in tHe picture has a brass collar with 3 stainless studs that are sticking out , I never got to see the boat it came out of (in south London docks) the rest of the boat had already been scrapped, but my experience would suggest to me that it was most likel a large motor cruiser and with the length of the last pice 3 ft 6 ins= I think it would have had a high stern and this steering system was made to order and very well made it is,,, it would be truly robust set wherever it gets used in the future, my thoughts are that it would be ace in a small day boat, it would be foolish not to view this first prior to purchase at almost any time x 7 days,please call me,Cash on Collection is the only method that I will consider

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