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I bought this to strengthen my left hand again after a slight accident. It was meant to accelerate recovery to help me play guitar again. Mission accomplished............. Near mint condition - I can't see any marks on it and it looks as though its never left a showroom.
An extract from 'Interactive Guitar Magazine' - . I had the Standard (passive) model on my lap first and was impressed with both the set-up and the finish. I accept that in order to keep the price down, the bass cannot feature the premium hardware of its boutique brethren, but the hardware that is included is certainly functional and rewards us with a usable tone with no undue buzzes or rattles.
Speaking of tone, I spoke to Overwater's founder, Chris May, who told me that even on this entry level instrument, the passive 'J style' single coil pickups are custom wound specifically for this model. A nice touch.
The passive electronics, featuring volume, pan control and 'treble roll-off' tone control all work as expected, with a smooth response throughout each of their travels. Check out the video for examples of the sounds available from the bass. Plugged in the bass has a great passive tone to it. Quite organic!
The metallic red finish is blemish free and coats a poplar body on to which a one piece maple neck is bolted. There's a neat set of mini Gotoh tuning keys and I love the attention to detail which means that even a budget Overwater bass has a matching coloured headstock.
We're also treated to a full 24 fret neck with a 19mm spacing and a 40mm nut width that feels nice and slim and quick to navigate

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