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Here at the marp centre we have a huge range of aquatic Plants!
We have new stock arrive weekly to offer the best, fresh plants!
We have some amazing offers on multibuys! why not pop instore and have a look!!

Always call before coming down to the store as animals do sell daily

The Marp Centre
Nursery Street
NG18 2AG
Free Parking Outside The Store
Open 7 Days A Week
Facebook Page With Regular Updates & Over 15,000 Followers

The Marp Centre is a large family run pet store catering for a huge range of animals including dog & cat accessories, reptile livefood, reptile vivariums, reptile accessories & equipment, small mammal cages, small mammal accessories, food & treats, parrot toys, various sized bird cages, pet bird/parrot food & treats, tropical/coldwater/pond fish food, aquatics essentials including filters, media, pumps and so much more!!

We also have available snakes, lizards, tortoises, amphibians, tropical fish, coldwater fish, pond fish, guinea pigs, rabbits, fancy mice, fancy rats, Chinese hamsters, Syrian hamsters, dwarf hamsters, African pygmy hedgehogs, shaws jirds, parakeets, finches, canaries and more!

Preloved Safety Advice: If you're considering replying to this advert, you MUST read our Pet Buying Checklist. Never send money for an animal without first seeing it in its own home and, if a deposit is required, please choose a method of money transfer that offers you protection, such as Trustap, PayPal or Credit Card.

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