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16 weeks total age (9 weeks in pouch / 7 weeks OOP)

Taming up well, haven't bonded with anyone but are used to human contact, fed on a range of blended fruit / veg + insects. 3 meals a week are dusted with nutrobal calcium / multi-vitamins.

Happy to run through care if you haven't already researched, but a quick break down;

Need at least a large parrot / small animal cage

(currently living in 3x2x4ft (LxDxH) parrot cage with lots of toys / 2 sleeping pouches & metal running wheel)

Very social animals must live in at least a pair (won't be sold separately)

Sleeping pouches / plenty of toys + running disk

Diet information can be found by searching 'sgs2diet'

Very rewarding pets, form a very close bond to their owners, however do require a fair amount of food preparation & cleaning - not ideal for children.

£350 for the pair

Can deliver or meet halfway upto a hour away from Euxton

Any questions please ask


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sugar glider
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4 months