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This lovely boy is looking for family home
Someone who's home most of the day with older children

He was had reared as his mum died i had to bring the hole litter on

Sadly he's just to much of play pest for my older dogs there getting fed up and with working full time nights and during the day i am struggling to find the time to carry on his training and he's just being left far to long which is no far on young puppy my other dogs have pen but as they will not accept this lovely boy hes being left inside

He's brilliant with all dogs. Just a bit of play pest ....
He's got no manners as he never had mum to teach him when to stop or hed gone to far resulting in him just becoming a bit of thug not in nasty way just a anoying playful way ... For this ression i would like to see my little nut cracker in a active home were he will be worked and tort manners though one to one training

He is crate trained and is good during the dog no mess in the house but i do leave my door open i dont get any mess when i leave him just the one wee puddle nothing els ... He will ask if crated to go outside with very high yip

He's brilliant with kids. Just wants cuddles but due his over playful behaviour id say older children

He is a lovely boy but very high energy and needs more one to one

If u think this boy is for you please message me though this

Lincoln based

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Cross breed
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7 months
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