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Both parents have current BVA eye certificates (September 2017 & July 2018) and are clear of GPRA, as well as being genetically clear of PRA3. They have also both been rated the optimum score of 0-0 under the Putnam System for luxating patella.

We only want the best, lifelong, loving homes for our babies with people who have researched the breed and it’s traits. A back to breeder contract will be in place and all puppies are vet checked, fully vaccinated, microchipped, flead and wormed at the appropriate intervals, along with being socialised with a wide variety of people, other animals and used to a range of household noises. They will be KC registered, endorsements will apply but may be lifted at a later date subject to health testing..

We are a small, hobby breeder who breed for temperament and health, alongside showing at Champ shows across the country. From our first litter, half siblings of these babies, 4 of the 5 pups were shown, all 4 qualified for Crufts 2019, all were placed and 3have already qualified for next year. Our dogs are much loved family pets, having a home with us for life and our lives very much revolve around them. The pups have been reared alongside our other dogs & pets in the house and so are very well socialised, they've also been taken out and about to different environments and to meet new people. They are used to travelling in the car and are mostly house trained. Please support breeders that do the above health testing as priority and actually care about the future health and welfare of the puppies they lovingly produce. It may well save you lots of heartache and expensive vet bills in the future, relative to the things being tested for and ruled out in the parents. Each parent has so far accumulated £200 of health testing each, to ensure that I am only breeding from healthy dogs and not ones with serious health issues that the breed are predisposed to, which could then be inherited by pups.

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11 weeks
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Mother and Father
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Yes - Breed Register
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Health Checks
Each puppy has been vet checked, parents have both had BVA eye exams, PRA 3 clear and Patella tests
Licensed breeder
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