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Juwel 200L cube aquarium with stand, lights, filter, gravel

This advert is located in and around Chigwell, Essex

Advert Description

This is a Juwel 200L aquarium, complete with stand, twin T5 fluroescent lighting, a heater and the excellent Juwel built in filter system which hides the pump, heater and wires. The tank measures 71 x 51 x 65 cm.

The aquarium has been up and running for about six months, has been properly cycled, and includes a large quantity of active biological media. You should be able to move the tank and set it up without loosing any fish. In its current setup it is suitable as a planted tank.

All wet furnishings are included:

approx 2kg of pH neutral stone
three pieces driftwood
assorted plants
3 captive bred Nanay-Angelfish
small shoal black phantom tetras
small shoal X-ray tetras
small shoal cherry barbs
asst. neon tetras
approx. 8 kg gravel substrate
approx. 5 kg plant substrate
approx 2 kg cycled ceramic bio-media
approx. 1 kg cycled bio-balls

Includes following hardware:

Tank and stand
Twin T5 bulbs for about 40W of light
Stock heater and pump for filtering/heating the tank
Digital timer with intstructions
Power strip
Sundry supplies such as plant food, pH balance, water test strips
Medium mag float cleaner
Sm. gravel siphon
5L water change bucket
Instructions for the stand and all instructional media for the tank

If you are interested in this tank, we will happily drain it, bag the plants and fish, and have everything ready to be picked up.

Additional Information

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