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Hand refurbished, customised and modified by me. I really enjoyed making this one. It has 1000GB storage capacity (to be precise 915GB usable in iTunes). The music junkies iPod.
iTunes has a limit of approximately 50,000 songs. So this is the iPod for Lossless Lovers files like ALAC, WAV, AIFF. Oh and you can put videos on it too.
It's not a European model which means it plays very loud. Some of the last Classics that were made (Firmware 2.0.5) gave you the option to turn off the EU volume limit. This one (2.0.4) is much louder. It's on another level
It's in a thin case. I've squeezed in the biggest battery available for the iPod Classic a whopping 3000mAh. I had to get out the Dremmel and remove a tiny part of the inside frame. You'll easily get 120 hours of continuous music before it needs charging.
It's red. A brand new front housing, screen glass, click wheel, centre button, headphone socket / hold switch & stainless steel rear cover with 1TB etched on it.
The case is tight, no gaps around the edges. The click wheel is flush with the housing. There's no dust or dirt underneath the screen. Looks like new.
Inside is where it counts and I've used some great stuff. Firstly a Tarkan iFlash board which is the best available for the Classic. It's the only board designed / made for iPod Classic. I also used a Tarkan ribbon connector. They're more flexible than the original Apple one.
1 x SanDisk Ultra 400 GB + 3 x SanDisk Ultra 200 GB microSDXC Memory Card (100 MB/s, Class 10, U1)
SanDisk invented the microSD and these cards are very good. There's too many fakes & slow cards about so I bought them direct from Amazon. These are the real deal.
6 months warranty with this iPod & 14 day 'no quibble' return.
I've stuck a plastic protector on the back of the iPod to keep it nice and it comes with JVC Gumy headphones, a UK mains charger, usb cable & a microfibre cloth

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