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Beautiful baby sulcata tortoises- any enquires must have done some reading and research first as these tortoise grow huge. For sale to good loving homes only. Experienced keepers welcome but I'm willing
to give as much long term help and guidance to anyone that is a novice or first time tortoise keeper.
. All are very healthy and are growing and eating well. Raise d on weeds , grasses, leafy greens, cob pellets and plenty of calcium . These tortoises will grow very big and will need heating and
UVB lighting for all of the year as they naturally do NOT hibinate. In the summer when the weather is hot and the ground dry they can spend some time during the day in a secure in closure on the lawn but must return to their heated quarters at night .
I give a basic care sheet to help you get started and I'm always willing to keep in touch for any help that you may need. There is information on the tortoise trust and tortoise protection group websites on keeping Sulcatas which is worth reading too.
Remember that tortoises often out live their owners so taking one on is truly a pet for life and a big commitment.
Think carefully and make sure that a Leopard tortoise is fThese babies were born in December 2018. £159 per tortoise. Full and correct set ups also available- please ask for prices and do I can send you pics of the set ups provided.
.I can deliver local for fuel cost

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8 months
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No - this species does not require an Article 10 certificate
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