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This is a collection of second hand kit used for practice therefore a range of different brands and some mismatch. Therefore it is not the full dragon set, but there are other things I used.


-Mapex hi-hat stand
-Stagg cymbal stand
-Big Dog cymbal stand
-Yamaha bass drum pedal
-Non-branded bass drum practice pad
-3 dragon drum stands, slightly stiff at joints
-1 dixon drum stand, slightly stiff at joints
-5 dragon 'quiet one' mesh heads
-1 snare mute pad (slight damage in middle, still usable)
-2 plastic cymbals (dragon)
-A pair of hi-hat cymbals, mismatched, one Powerbeat, one Sabian

If looking for a quiet kit, could work if you get a set of mutes for the hi-hat cymbals additionally.

There is one mesh head that would need another stand in order to be used

Selling as not using anymore and takes up too much space for me, hope someone could make use of it all.

The mesh kit is very quiet, if playing along with music cannot be heard, makes a light tapping sound. Plastic cymbals are quieter than cymbals and make a good temp solution. Loudest thing would be your foot hitting the floor on bass drum pedal

If items wanted separately -

£40 for drum stands and mesh heads
£10 practice pad bass drum
£10 bass drum pedal
£10 cymbal stand
£10 hi-hat stand
£5 hi-hat cymbals odd pair
£2 plastic cymbals
£2 mute pad

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