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Hello ladies!!!!!
My name is Silk Mountain Christmas Wishes but my peasant humans call me 'Muggles' meh!

I am a miniature poodle. I am a charming handsome young man looking to carry on my wonderful breeding and temperament. I even have an international show champion in my family tree. I have apricots, creams and reds in my family,

I'm not fussy what you look like girls, I am just as happy to have fun with the 'larger ladies' as the petite ones & I have proved that I make a good Father, I've sired over 10 litters none of them being less than 5!

I am 14" to the shoulder and I am constantly told I am 'cute' I ask you? I prefer handsome!

My Mum sent me to the vets for lots of tests and we discovered that my vision is perfect and better still, my dna is clear for PRA. Not to mention my amazing hip & elbow scores!

Now, I would be perfectly happy to offer my services for free (hehe) but my Mum says I need to charge as I'm such a catch so she's pimping me out for 2 sessions each time, if we are not successful then I will be happy to service you during your next season for free.

I'm a bit of an expert now so if you are a little nervous or it's your first time you'll be ok with me, I'll look after you xx

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Business Advert
Miniature Poodle
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Current Age
5 years
Kennel Club Registered
Yes - Breed Register
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All up to date
Heath Screening Checks
PRA, Hips & Elbows