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Purebred Bantam Silkies, both pet and potential show quality chicks.

Chicks currently available:
• x6 Pure White Chicks (Hatched 20th September).
• x4 Partridges and x1 Pure Whites (Hatched 28th September).

Chicks available soon:
• Blues, Golds and Mix Colour Chicks (Due to hatch 17th October).

I regularly hatch chicks so if you are looking for a specific colour or quality, just ask and I will get back to you about if and when they will be available.

Prices range from £5 - £25 per chick depending on age and quality.
Multiple can be purchased at reduced price.

All chicks are sold unsexed as they are too young to know males from females for certain.

More chicks available than shown on photos, some are from previous hatches. Last photos of adult Silkies are the parent stock, they are not for sale. Additional photos of available chicks and parent stock can be seen on request.

Some chicks may have possible show potential but this won't be known for sure until they are fully grown and feathered. There is no guarantee they will win any shows or produce their own show quality offspring.

Any chicks purchased before the age of 6 weeks will still be on/require heat.

Hatching eggs are £1.50 per egg. Possible colours that could hatch are partridge, pure white, blue, gold and mixes. Availability depends on the time of year and what I have available.

Happy to answer any questions/queries you may have.

Additional Information

Advert Type
Private Advert
Bantam Silkies
Current Age
3 weeks