Preview of the first image of Baby Mourning Gecko Starter Colony (15 Geckos!).

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We usually sell these at £10/gecko but as numbers are getting high in such a short time, we don't have space to accommodate many more hatches.
I highly recommend they're housed in an Exo Terra 45x45x60 or equivalent size. This size tank will be healthy for them all through their lives.
You can expect to see eggs starting to be laid about 10/11 months from now. New eggs are laid every month then after.
Between 2 weeks and 6 weeks old.
Last picture is an adult.
I make sure they are eating/pooping and first shed before selling.
All eating Repashy and fruit flies (they go mental for fruit flies!)
Mourning Geckos are social reptiles and suffer from loneliness if kept in less than a trio - which can result in death.
Mourning Geckos are extremely easy to care for:
• They live at room temperature (between 70-80F),
• Feed on Repashy (powdered food mixed with water) every 2 days, fruit flies can be provided for some enrichment
• They like a humid environment, and will drink water from droplets on the walls - spray once or twice daily depending on humidity level
• Can cohabit with Dart Frogs - this is really great for a fully live bioactive setup as the geckos act as cleanup crew and eat leftover insects
• Entire species is female, reproduction is done via cloning
• As adults, will lay eggs each month - 2 months later the eggs will hatch
• They communicate with each other and are very active at night, as babies you get the pleasure of hearing their tiny little chirps
If you'd like any vivarium advice, especially relating to a bioactive setup (which is highly recommended and easy to do!) Feel free to ask. I can also set up vivariums for you for a fee.
Collection is preferred, however I can deliver locally - please message.

Additional Information

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Private Advert
Mourning Gecko
Current Age
7 weeks
CITES Article 10
No - this species does not require an Article 10 certificate