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Stunning natural petal confetti. It smells lovely
Over-ordered at the last minute as panicked when I did their recommended handful/litre calculation and it said I needed 12 litres for 120 guests.
As you can see from the photo I paid £74 for the 6 litres.
Worth the money way as it’s so beautiful, light and smells so good. It didn’t stain any clothing on the day at all.
Don’t get caught out with cheaper brands. I ordered from a different company originally but the quantity sent was not accurate and it was dull, not pretty a s didn’t smell nice so I sent it back!
Our bridesmaids gave out the petals and even though our 120 guests got a very generous amount we only used 6 litres of the 12 litres ordered.
I have put all the spare we had left in this box which is a 5 litre box but I have measured it out and there is at least 6 litres.
With a handful this would do approx 60 guests but with a pinchful (which is much better and easier to handle and throw!) It would easily do 120 guests which is what we found.
Alternatively if you were making up the little packets you would make 100-120 from this amount.
The box has ‘spare confetti’ written on it and the back has a rip in where it was opened but this does not affect the quality of the petals at all and will be opened and distributed form alternative containers anyway. We used heart shaped wicker baskets to give ours out.

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