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From day one of triggering Article 50 by Theresa May, the one single stumbling block, which no politician mentioned, was ‘Northern Ireland’ -that ‘wee’ forgotten colony with a British border with the EU. Did anyone care or was it just an oversight. It certainly wasn’t forgotten by the DUP.
By reading this short history book you will come to understand:
• ‘The Troubles’
• The rise of extremist Loyalist and Republican parties in Northern Ireland unable to govern
• Why the BACKSTOP was only offered to Northern Ireland by the EU
• Why the DUP walked out of talks with Sinn Fein, collapsing the assembly in order to support Theresa May cling to power
• How the DUP aided Boris Johnston to become PM and
• How the DUP have been dictating the terms of Brexit all along.
By reading this book, you will come to understand, that all conservative governments, since 1922, have depended on Northern Ireland unionist parties to cling to power and to legislate in Britain; and none more so than now: and that there will be no easy route to a deal without them.
What the DUP (representing just 33%) want is a ‘no deal’ Brexit even though the majority population of Northern Ireland voted to remain.
That’s UK democracy in action for you!

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