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PLEASE READ - Please do not ask “is this still available” the ads are updated daily, as soon as a bird is sold, it’s marked as sold. If it’s in the ad it’s available.

Please do not ask “How Much” “What colour” “is it tame” I have taken a long time and effort writing out a bit about each bird on several different ads. I don’t want to come across as rude but if you don’t take the time to read the small section on what bird you are interested in I honestly don’t feel that you can be seriously interested in buying and I will not answer you. If you have a question that isn’t in the advert please do feel free to get in touch and I will be more than happy to help.

I have decided through just not having the time to dedicate anymore to sell my birds. All my birds have been carefully selected for myself and are the highest quality and true to type I could find when purchasing. They have been well looked after had the best of everything, including fresh fruit everyday and organic or high quality feed and all the calcium they can munch on in many various forms. Most I purchased a few years ago as baby’s and have kept them on for breeding so most are no older than 2-4 years of age, which is really the perfect age to buy breeders as they have become established in rearing chick but are by no means old birds. (Bit of a silly age to sell I know). All birds are well established breeders but have not bred this year unless otherwise stated. I just haven’t had the time to put up a load of nest boxed and hand rear any chicks so all pairs are desperate to go down and will most probably go down (start laying) as soon as they go to there new home if there is a nest box available. There are pictures of chicks available if you need proof that the pairs are proven. All birds have been kept outside in cages or flights and are already extremely hardy to the weather, this time of year whilst it’s still warm is perfect if you want to keep them outside or change them to an indoor environment. As we are hitting that time of year with the season changing some birds may be in the process of Moulting, if you are not happy to take a bird in moult which is understandable please ask me in advance so I can double check if they are or not. If you would like to view and leave a deposit until they are back to perfect feather I am happy to hold to show they are not suffering with any feather issues. Please see my other listings for more details other birds. Job lot available, price will vary with what’s sold and what hasn’t.
Sorry if the photos aren’t brilliant I’ve been emailing preloved and they’ve said there nothing I can do but try to crop the pictures to make them easier to upload some pictures aren’t uploading and but older/cropped pictures will, so please ask if you require different pictures and I will do my best to send them.

Massive selection of cages for sale, different makes, models and sizes fairly priced.

Mexican House finch standard pair
Really good quality birds, gave me large clutches last year and lots of! -£40

Mexican House Finch Phaeo Pair
Had really good odds with phao chicks more than I expected, I believe phao is like the albino version of the Mexican finch, female is the Phao and male is normal, the female is like a cream colour with a red sheen on her when you see her in the sun. -£60 the pair

Both pairs have not had red feed this year so they are more reddy Orange, pretty sure I have a bag of red egg feed somewhere that can go with them, if not you can buy it at most pet shops or very easily online.

Also available-

Indian Ringneck 3 pairs
Cobalt/Violet ClearTail F £SOLD - Turquoise Blue M £SOLD
Green M £SOLD - Semitame/Lutino F £110
Semitame/Dark Grey M £60 - Cuddly Tame/Lutino F £200

Cockatiel Males,
Pure white-whitefaced £70
Very dark grey whitefaced £50

Budgies Various, mostly this years chicks for taming. £10-20

Rare Cremino and Lutino Lineolated Pair £170

Peach faced love birds x2 pairs
Pastel and normal -Sold
Purple/Violet and Olive/Pistachio -Sold

1 Silver Marbled Fischer’s love bird male -Sold

Golden Mantled Rosella Hen -Sold

Tame Alexandrine Male -Sold


Please do your own research on a species before committing to buy any animals. Cannot offer refunds or returns as I cannot be assured that birds who are returned haven’t been exposed to any illness or bad husbandry so all birds will be sold as seen, no returns.

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Private Advert
Mexican Rose finches
CITES Article 10
No - this species does not require an Article 10 certificate
Current Age
2 years