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Meet Violet, I assembled her in early 2018. I will be moving by the end of the year. It is possible to take this PC on a plane as I have done so when I moved to UK from USA but I am not sure if I need the hustle of moving with a PC again. The asking price is 1800 £ for the whole set with the pherephrials and 1675£ for just the PC. If price is still too hight the lowest I could do is 1050£ with out 1 TB ssd and GPU. As far the the price thats it. It wouldnt make sense for me to sell for less since I would have to build new Work Station when I move. Thank you for understanding??

The full set

Mechanical keyboard (red switches)
RGB gaming mouse (dark core)
Gaming headphones set with mic
Mouse pad for a full table
Asus monitor
If needed carry on bag to take on a plane
Hdmi, Bluetooth, Wifi antena
What’s inside of Violet:

RX Vega 64 ( two year warranty ends 2020)
Ryzen 7, 1800x ( two yer warranty ends 2020)
M.2 120 Gb
Mini itx case ( phanteks evolv shift fits in to carry on to take on a plane.) and RGB strips
Motherboard AB350-N


This PC will run any game you throw at it and hight FPS. The settings depend on the game. It is VR ready and I had enjoy the VR experiance with it. It was made as a work station for editiong videos and photos as well as general productivity tasks. I choose all AMD build specifiacally for productivity and professional workloads. The GPU and CPU both could be over clocked but I have never done it on this PC because I did not have the need. If you have any specific questions feel free to ask??

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