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Different Malawi cichlids
Adults, juveniles and babies
2 Mbunas large and small, 1 Hap Elongatis fully mature, 1 Cobalt Blue Zebra fully mature, 3 Hap Nyereri 1 fully mature male 1 juvenile Male and 1 mature Female (breeding pair) 1 Bumblebee Cichlid fully mature large, 1 Marble Peacock fully mature, 1 Nimbochromus Livingstonii juvenile, 1 Nimbochromus Venustus juvenile, 1 Jack Dempsey juvenile, 1 Large Orange Hap Cichlid fully mature, 3 pale yellow possible Haps not sure on actual species but juveniles.
Baby Mbuna
Tiny baby cichlids not sure of species yet but most likely a couple of Hap Nyereri for sure roughly 6-8 .
Bristle nose plec mature
Two yolo loaches mature
Two all pond solutions external filters one large one medium plus fluval internal filter with heater all working and in use so bacteria is still live for sale
Fluval u4 internal filter working but not being used as not needed
Four heaters in total
Interpet multi colour LED lighting system which can be stopped on any colour or changed to just white
Digital Thermometer
Different types of Sponge media
Fluval carbon
Half a bag of unused Red Sea pure white sand
Very large selection of rock
2 Small bog woods
Two very large pieces of bog wood different types
Small cave
Large square slate cave
Large Bundle of slate different shapes and sizes
Air pump
Four different air stones plus extra tubing and air line splitter valves
Two timers
Fish food
Different fish and water Treatments
Frozen food if any left by time of sale
Two fishing nets
Large hose for gravel cleaning
Fish bags
Magnet cleaner
Bundle of fake plants
Light system in working order one bulb blown but works perfect and gives amazing lighting to the tank.
Two large buckets
£260 for the entire lot
Also for sale is a Juwel Vision 260 litre curve fronted tank empty no accessories for £50
£300 for the lot or very sensible offers considered as we need it gone

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