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L144 Lemon Blue Eyed Short Fin Baby Pleco *Ready Soon* (within 2 weeks)

Currently feeding & growing nicely, all fish raised in optimum conditions with frequent water changes & high quality goods.

Common names: Bristlenose Pleco, Bristlenose Catfish, Bushynose Catfish, Bushy Nose
Scientific Name: Ancistrus Cirrhosus
Adult size: 5 inches (13 cm)
Minimum tank size: 30 Gallons/136 Litres
Life Expectancy : 5+ years
Care: Easy to Intermediate
ph: 5.8 to 7.8
Hardness: 2 to 30 dGH
Temperature: 73-81 F (23-27 C)
Temperament: Peaceful community fish
Diet: Algae, algae wafers, plec pellets, cucumber, mushroom, courgettes & occasional bloodworm

The Bristlenose plec has a wide diet range & therefore enjoys a mix of the things listed above.

The fish you will receive will be between 2cm-3cm.
Please note these fish won’t be ready for at least 2 weeks.

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