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Baby Leopard Geckos CB2019

Four for sale so far, I can only place 3 photos, so to see more please contact me...

4. Hatched: 19/9/19
Ready to be rehomed: 1/11/19

5. Hatched: 20/9/19
Ready to be rehomed: 1/11/19

6. Hatched: 24/9/19
Ready to be rehomed: 5/11/19

7. Hatched: 25/9/19
Ready to be rehomed: 6/11/19

Hello, for sale are baby Leopard Geckos. Currently feeding on Mealworms and eating nightly. These have been incubated to be males, although this is never a 100% guarantee.

These geckos make the perfect pet if you are looking at getting started with reptiles or if you are just interested in a different pet.

They can be a little skittish if you approach them too quickly, however they can be tamed fairly easily, provided they are handled in a suitable manner. I have been handling these babies regularly to calm them down and get them used to human contact.

To maintain good health, strong bones and prevent disorders such as Metabolic Bone Disease, it is essential to provide these geckos with a small calcium dish at all times and to also gut load and dust their food with supplements (I use Repashy calcium plus, an all in one supplement).

Never grab or pull the gecko by its tail as it can literally snap off and although it will regrow it will not look the same as it did before.
I am happy to show the mother and father of this baby upon request.

I will only sell babies once they are at least 6 weeks old, eating well and assured they will not be kept with sand as a substrate. The prices are included on the photos in cash only please, no deposit necessary.

Please contact me if interested. I am happy to answer any questions, however it is also important to conduct your own independent research before committing to buy to make sure it is the right choice for you. I have four babies for sale so far with more on the way but I can only place 3 photos, so please email to see photos of other babies or if you want to request more photos of a gecko you are interested in. Please understand that Leopard Geckos are known to be capable of living for over 15 years.

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Leopard Gecko
Current Age
4 weeks
CITES Article 10
No - this species does not require an Article 10 certificate