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Meet Tango the baby Male Alexandrine parrot. He is very sociable around people, he loves being out of his cage like all parrots do. His black ring is showing under the beak, the pink will develop after 18 months and the black line will get darker by then. He is well handled daily very tamed comes to anyone on the hand, friendly with kids. Loves being out the cage, takes food from the hand and also eats from the hand. Makes mimic, but generally he is a very quite bird. He doesn’t scream in the morning like some other breeds do. He sleeps from 8.30pm- 7am. He doesn’t scream or make noises in the morning like other small parrots do. I will only sell him to a loving home, someone that can give him the time and he can settle in. Like some buyers that purchase a parrot and realise they can’t tame or handle it, they end up selling the poor bird away. Please only purchase a parrot if you have researched the breed and fully understand the commitment, as they can live for many years and require a lot of understanding and attention.

Additional Information

Advert Type
Private Advert
Alexandrine Parrot
CITES Article 10
No - this species does not require an Article 10 certificate
Current Age
6 months