Advert Description

Our gorgeous girl Noodles who is a Labradoodle has just given birth to 7 healthy puppies. We have a mixed litter of healthy boys and girls who are currently two weeks old. We will be ready to find our puppies loving homes in about 6 to 7 weeks time. All of our pups will be vaccinated, microchipped and fully health checked and when ready to leave for a new home they will leave us with a collar, a sample of their food and a blanket that has been snuggled by their mother.

Additional Information

Advert Type
Private Advert
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Mixed Litter
Current Age
3 weeks
Ready to Leave
at 8 weeks
Can be Viewed With
Mother and Father
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Kennel Club Registered
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Read more about: No
Yes, will all be up to date
Health Checks
Yes, will be fully health checked
Licensed breeder
Read more about: No
Country of origin
United Kingdom
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Country of residence
United Kingdom
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Can be Viewed with
Mother and Father
Reason for Separation
To find forever loving homes