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This Boston repose chair is used but like new in great condition after only being used sporadically for 3 months. The Chair was made In February 2019
RRP £2996.00

Seat width 51cm

Please contact me if you have any questions

The colour panels are lilac, it features caster wheels and reclines back fully. It features great padded support support for a small frame - measurements to be added shortly otherwise please send me any questions.

This chair is ideal for an elderly person who is no longer mobile or has the capacity to walk them selves, ensuring they can still get up and be social. It is well padded providing great comfort and the padding is also designed to relieve/ prevent pressure sores. The chair also reclines

The Boston from Repose:

The Boston Tilt in Space portering chair has been designed and engineered to meet the needs of semi-ambulant and non-ambulant users, addressing pressure management issues and providing a range of additional support features that can be used to modify the chair to individual needs.

The Boston provides carers with a number of options to enable regular repositioning of user's to redistribute pressure and provide all day comfort. It comes with a unique combination, of Tilt in Space and independently controlled back recline and leg elevation and is ideal as part of a 24 hour postural care programme.

The Tilt in Space allows the seat to back angle to remain the same whilst the whole seating system is tilted backwards, which means that the angle of the hips, knees and ankles are not affected during this movement. It also reduces the weight on the ischial tuberosities and redistributes the weight through the back. This feature can also help when moving someone in a hoist and can support better pelvic positioning by optimising the use of gravity to position the user in the optimal position.
The backrest and leg rest can be adjusted separately providing a further range of back and leg combinations to support improved posture and pressure management. Couple this to the angle and height adjustable footplate and this makes the Boston chair a highly versatile pressure management porter.
Design Features:
The Push Handle comes with rubber grips and a hook for the handset controller.
Separate back cushions can be individually repositioned and adjusted for comfort and support.
Back cushions can be removed and replaced.
The seat depth can be adjusted with 1" or 2" adjuster pads that fit behind the back cushions.
Choose internal seat cushions from a range of pressure care management solutions.
The chair is upholstered in a vapour permeable multi-way stretch fabric as standard (although shown here in Panvelle, this is an optional fabric upgrade), to aid pressure care.
The fabric is washable at 95°C and available in a range of colours.
The leg rest is upholstered in a deep memory foam cover for comfort when in a reclined position.
The cover can easily be removed for cleaning.
An adjustable footplate comes as standard
The Boston comes with four heavy duty lockable castors.

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